Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Looking Forward 2013: Music

Every year, I try to get out as fast as possible the year's known releases in movies, books, and music. I'm afraid I just don't have to much to provide in music yet, other than a few select country, rock, and folk artists.

Old Man Markley
Guts 'N Teeth
January 18
Order through their website or other venues.

Frightened Rabbit
Pedestrian Verse
February 5
Pre-order now through the channels on their website or through your local record store.

Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hammer
Child Ballads 
February 11 (UK) and March 19, 2013 (US)
Pre-order the album in the UK here of some old folk tunes, collected by Francis James Child.

Kelly Willis and Bruce Robinson
Cheaters Game
February 12
Folk Rockabilly power couple Willis and Robinson, long a staple in the Austin music scene, release their first album together, after years of guest appearance son each other's records.

Heidi Talbot
Angels Without Wings
February 18
Pre-order it now through the channels on her website or through your local record store.

Ashley Monroe
Like a Rose
March 5
Monroe's album was scheduled to be released already, but she had written a new song with Vince Gill that she had to include on the album, so it was delayed.  I can't wait!

Rilo Kiley
April 2
Rilo Kiley returns with a release of unreleased tracks, remixes, and live versions, including a remix if "Dejalo" with rapper Too $hort.  Pre-order here.  Here's the tracklist:
01 Let Me Back In *
02 It'll Get You There *
03 Runnin' Around *
04 All the Drugs *
05 Bury, Bury, Bury Another *
06 Well, You Left *
07 Draggin' Around
08 I Remember You
09 Dejalo (Zondo remix ft. Too $hort)
10 A Town Called Luckey
11 Emotional
12 American Wife
13 Patiently
14 Rest of My Life (demo) *
15 About the Moon
16 The Frug
* previously unreleased

Faith Hill
Release Date TBA

All the Time (tentative title)
Release Date TBA

Title TBA
Summer 2013
Malinky will be back together in 2013, recording and touring, promoting the new record. I hope they come to the States!

Fiona Hunter
Title and Date TBA
Speaking of Malinky, member Hunter is releasing her first solo album, with former member Mike Vass as producer.  Recording has already been underway, so I expect the album and its information soon.

The Pierces
Title and date TBA

Title and date TBA

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