Monday, October 22, 2012

How to not get Murdered, as Taught by Traditional Folk Tunes

Sure, traditional folk murder ballads may seem dark and depressing, but they're no different from the effect of fairy tales, in which the protagonist does something foolish and learns a lesson, mostly ending in some sort of magical entrapment or death.  Even in folk murder ballads, there's magic!  It makes sense that the folk ballads and fairy tales have similar elements, given their European descent.  Folk tunes are simply trying to teach us how to properly avoid murder.

1) Don't tell your future in-laws you have money without them knowing he's rich.
This never works out.  The parents are poor, and they want money, but they didn't know they'd get it anyway.  Sorry, you must die at the hands of your would-be-in-laws while your fiancee is sleeping and having a prophetic dream about your death.  She seeks vengeance by law and has her parents executed.  She probably got all the money, though, so good for her!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

What's Worth Watching?

It's been a few weeks since the new television season began, and it's time to take a look at what should be dropped and what must go on.

Mondays at 10/9c on NBC
In a world where technology has mysteriously stopped working, one man rose up to take position as leader of the United States in a brutal, totalitarian manner.  The protagonists of the show try to fight him as well as revive the failed technology.  Revolution is the type of show I could get into, but unfortunately I couldn't.  The continued absence of technology doesn't make sense, nor does the one thing that could revive it.  In addition, the acting is very sub-par, especially from the lead Traci Spiridakos and the dialogue doesn't give her much to work with anyway.  I could deal with more Elizabeth Mitchell and Tim Guinee (unfortunately the latter won't be appearing more), and maybe, just maybe, I could enjoy the show.
Result: DROP IT