Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bobby's Top 15 X-Men: 15-11

15. Ernst
Cassandra Nova?
So, we're pretty sure Grant Morrison set up Ernst to be Cassandra Nova with a gray Raggedy-Anne wig, and the X-Men were too stupid to know, just like Clark Kent's co-workers having no idea he's Superman. Why? Cassandra disappeared the same time Ernst appeared. They have similar physical features, and in Here Comes Tomorrow, an alternate future arc, Ersnt was referred to as "Cassandra Ernst" by Martha.

Like Superman, Ernst does have superhuman strength, despite her appearance of twig-like child-like limbs and wrinkly face, with traits like those with progenia. But since Morrison's run has ended, Ernst has been retconned of the Nova persona and has been given her own personality. But the constant in her character's history has been her BFF Martha Johansson, you know, the floating brain with syringes all up in her grill that Ernst leads around on a chain leash. I absolutely love the dichotomy of her powers, but it's also mysterious. With Cassandra Nova's own telepathy, telekinesis, and phasing powers and Martha's superstrength, what other powers are within Ernst's grasp? It's likely that her superstrength comes from the TK, but maybe we'll never know.

Favorite Costume(s): Any ugly sweater and adorable pigtails.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Celtic Corner: A Special Holiday Edition

It's going to be a wonderful holiday season filled with Orla Fallon. Orla was one of the founding members of Celtic Woman and has since left to pursue her own solo career, and rightfully so. She outgrew Celtic Woman, as she and Meav (she only needs one name) were the most developed vocally, incorporating their own Irish lilts into the beauty of their instruments. While Orla's first solo album apart from Celtic Woman left me a little cold and disappointed, I find that her holiday albums are spectacularly Orla. One is Orla Fallon's Celtic Christmas, which aired on PBS as a special as well, with special guests Vince Gill, David Archuleta, Anuna, and Meav Ni Mhaolchatha.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Celtic Corner: The Wind that Shakes the Barley

Loreena McKennitt returns to her Irish roots after much exploration of the world and its music, but The Wind that Shakes the Barley lacks that certain magic that it has recently held. I always felt that since The Book of Secrets, Loreena has produced music that literally held secrets long buried. I felt like I was transported into a majestic, foreign past. This is surely different, but it's still one of the best musical productions you'll ever hear. The quality and effort she puts into her records can surely be a testament that real music still exists. Loreena has created a more traditional Irish sound that she used to in her early records in voice and tune. This is clearly a labor love, and it should be loved by all.

Loreena's version of "As I Roved Out" may even top Kate Rusby's version (and I LOVE Kate Rusby with every cell of my body) with a more traditional sound than usual: a fantastic opening. "The Star of the County Down" is surely more forecful than many of her songs, but it also sounds much like some songs on The Book of Secrets and subsequent albums that raised the quality of her music. It combines her best elements in one song. I've not heard "The Wind that Shakes the Barley" in this tempo before. It was haunting, melancholy, ethereal, and beautiful. It fit the lyrics as well. And what Irish album can't end with "The Parting Glass?" I feel like this is my theme song. I've always wanted to teach it to my friends so we could all sing it around a table while swinging mugs of ale in our hands, but alas, I'm the only fan of folk music. This song is a typical Loreena sound, but it's surely not bad. It's just sadder than usually portrayed, which is also fine. It can be taken as a jolly or dismal.

Not-so-Celtic Corner: Coal Miner's Daughter

The new Loretta Lynn tribute album Coal Miner's Daughter is definitely a good tribute album, but it could be better.

I'm no Gretchen Wilson fan; really, I find her excruciatingly annoying, but her song "When I Think About Cheating" reminded me of a classic traditional song that very well could've been sung by Tammy Wynette or Tanya Tucker. And her rendition of "Don't Come Home A'Drinkin' (With Lovin' on Your Mind)" stuck to the same sound and fits in with Miss Wilson's classy repertoire. But in all seriousness, it is a great cover.

For some reason Lee Ann Womack does nothing for me anymore. Maybe it was her pregnancy that changed her voice, or maybe she's just taken to the soft, ghostly whispering moans as a fun alternative to singing her songs. She used to be one of my favorites, but her voice no longer fits the music she's singing. Her songs are traditional sounds, but her voice is Sarah McLachlan-like in its presence.

The White Stripes, who I had no idea still existed as a duo, cover "Rated X" (of course...), and it's AWESOME! I'm not too much of a White Stripes fan, but I enjoy them nonetheless. And this is quite an enjoyable cover of the song. Jack White has grown on me since his dedication to Loretta and roots music. Not many musicians nod or respect their musical ancestors, but the White Stripes do. The sounds of the White Stripes' "Rated X" fit well with the song's lyrics, like a 60's or 70's classic rock tune, much like the Steve Miller Band, which would definitely fit a song of this nature.

I'm not a Carrie Underwood fan anymore. I find that she doesn't use her powerful voice well. Often she's just yelling in her songs, even in songs that should be sung softly. But Carrie Underwood's "You're Looking at Country" is executed with class and infused with voices of the Ryman Auditorium's most beloved artists. If Carrie can continue this sort of music and this style of voice, she can be loved by me again. It's a privilege to be loved by me, by the way.

Martina McBride and Alan Jackson's "Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man" is just as wonderfully fun and powerful as the original with Conway Twitty. Martina and Alan go together perfectly to recreate the classic duo that once took the Country scene by storm and caused a controversy with a suspected affair. The magic has been recreated in my favorite Loretta duet that no one will ever sing with me in karaoke.

When I first heard Paramore's version of "You Ain't Woman Enough (To Take My Man)" I thought, Wow, this sounds like it was recorded in my shower, but it turns out that doesn't matter because it was great. It reminded me of Rachel Proctor's voice, completely with a rough Martina sound with some jiggles intertwined and a rock injection. The solo rhythm acoustic guitar worked out best for the song, I think, to recreate the natural mountain vibe.

Surprisingly Faith Hill's "Love is the Foundation" is a traditional-sounding song, and rightfully so. Every once in a while she'll return to her pure Country roots, and with each one, I find that I love them more than the others, though her songs are typically good, even great, even if their sounds are a bit off. This definitely hearkens back to Faith's 90's music. She needs to do a full-fledged traditional album.

Steve Earle and Allison Moorer sound like they'd be a perfect combo on paper due to their similar musical style, but when their voices came together for the classic and beloved "After the Fire is Gone" I felt betrayed and lied to. I love both separately, but this was an absolute mess. Steve was consistently off-beat and off-key and never in sync with Allison. Allison was surely the dominant vocal, and her voice is soothing and bluesy as always, and it could've worked if another more suitable male up to her standards had been singing with her. Maybe Jakob Dylan (whom I recently developed a love for)?

Reba and The Time Jumpers cover "If You're Not Gone Long," and it sure holds up to Loretta' standards. Reba proves herself to yet be a mainstay and a classic vocalist here. Her voice fits right in the song, as if she wrote it and originally sang it. And I'm not a Reba fan.

 Kid Rock? Really? 'Nuff said.

Lucinda Williams sings this in reminiscence of Emmylou Harris, but more slurry and drunken-whore-with-chew-in-her-mouth sounding. I don't mind Lucinda's music, but this really sounded like she had something in her mouth the entire time. Is this Lindsay Lohan in 30 years? (I know Lucinda's not very old at all, but this makes her sound old or at least like a prematurely aged middle-aged woman.)

Lastly Sheryl Crow and Miranda Lambert join Loretta for an updated version of the un-arguably most beloved song of Loretta's "Coal Miner's Daughter." I absolutely love when Sheryl Crow goes Country. She even sounds a bit like a young Loretta. These three recreate the Honky Tonk Angels, and I want more.

While a somewhat eclectic group, I would've loved to have seen some bluegrass or blues versions of Loretta's songs. Her songs are so versatile and adaptable that they can fit any genre. Give me some Rhonda Vincent or Alison Krauss. Some Duffy or Frightened Rabbit or even some sort of traditional world music like Angelique Kidjo or Cara Dillon.

If you've never seen Loretta live, do so now. There's nothing like seeing a legend on stage. Her mere presence is like being in the presence of Queen Elizabeth I. Though the shows are often short and she sometimes forgets lyrics or speeds through, it doesn't seem to matter. I've been to two of her shows, and I've never felt like I deserved more. The world has given us Loretta Lynn, and I've seen her. I've heard her. I've loved her. Long live Loretta!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Okay. I've mentioned in the past that the Pushing Daisies comic was coming. Well, it keeps getting delayed. Finally it looks like the comic will actually be coming out early next year, as reported by Comic Book Resources's Robot 6. Issue one is complete, issue two is being colored, and issue 3 is being written. Fuller even stated that they're hoping for an accompanying soundtrack to stream or download in conjunction with an issue's release. The cast has agreed to sing the music, which is already in progress, some of which has been completed. Lee Pace has already sang a song for it. The problem is that rights are expensive, so it may not actually happen. But the thought is thrilling, and I'm hopeful it will happen. After all this time, we've been waiting and the increasing popularity of the show. Cult followings always gain more fans after the project's death.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Legends: The Enchanted, Review

When Legends: The Enchanted #0 preview issue arrived in comic stores, I thought I'd check it out. I was glad I did because what I read was promising and in itself, without a complete story, amazing. I eagerly awaited the entire graphic novel, which did not have a set release date at the time the preview came out. I checked comixology each week to find out, and when I did find out, I had to ask Kendall Swafford, owner of Up Up and Way. He confirmed its release date, and I. Could. Not. Wait. For the book to arrive in the store.

The book revolves around fairytale characters: good vs. evil. The good--such as Pinocchio, Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, and Goldilocks--face evil such as wolves, giants, and a force unknown to them, controlling events and stealing the magic from the good characters, literally taking away their immortality. As the book progresses, each character finds their immortality disappearing. Their wounds are not healing, and their strength is fading. They are not prepared for what faces them, and now they must band together, something that doesn't happen much, to figure out what the source of their problems are and the mysterious and brutal deaths of their friends and fellow evil killers. The end is left open for a sequel, when the surviving characters of good have not even faced or realized who the actual enemy is.

The book may not have worked if not for the brilliant art by the author himself Nick Percival. Characters look like cyborgs, partially flesh, partially technology, and partially forest, giving an obvious steampunk look to the book. The soft edges and grotesque, horror-inducing images create a nightmarish comic that far surpasses the ongoing Fables. The art tells the story right along with the dialogue in a way that can stand alone with its own story, which is expected of a writer who does their own art. It's a much darker, grimmer, look at the fairytale world. When you read this, you'll not want to wait for the next installment.

Currently, Legends: The Enchanted is in pre-production for a film.

Legends: The Enchanted was published by Radical, and is available at their website, amazon, or your LCS.

4.5/5 stars


Tonight the premiere of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia airs. Don't miss an episode. It's now the most hilarious show in existence (because Better Off Ted is now off-air). So if you're not watching already, watch now.

Starting next week look forward to the start of the rest of our favorite shows: The Office, Parks and Rec, Cougar Town, Modern Family, and Big Bang Theory.

Upcoming DVD releases:
Community S1: Sept. 21
Modern Family: Sept. 21
30 Rock: Sept. 21
Legend of the Seeker S2: Sept. 28
Party Down S2: Sept. 28
Dollhouse S2: Oct. 12
Parks and Recreations S2: Nov. 30

Parenthood S1, Sanctuary S2, Glee Complete S1, Big Bang Theory S3, Cougar Town S1, The Office S6, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S5 are already released.

Better Off Ted S2's release is yet to be announced. I'll update you when it is.

Did anyone catch the premiere of Parenthood? Wasn't it great? Finally we get some Joel time.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dear readers, sorry I haven't updated in a while. For some reason, I can't post pics any longer. I may have to switch the blog over to another host...Also, I'm a new uncle!!! So it's been a busy time for me, even though I've been off work for the summer. I've also been busy writing and working on a graphic novel to pitch to Image and other indie comic companies.

Look forward to things to come: My top 10 X-Men, the Whedonverse, a review of the new Avengers books and of Legends: The Enchanted GN. Good stuff!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Multiculturalism in Film...or lackthereof

I noticed while watching The Good Guy today how many movies I have, yet I can only count on my fingers how many have leading roles from a non-white. Typically our blockbuster movies have an all-white cast, sometimes with a supporting role for a "minority," who is often for comedic effect. Then on the opposite end, there are the all-black films, sometimes with a white supporting character for all of them to make fun of (case in point: the American version of Death at a Funeral).

Even Asians and Asian-Americans don't get respect in Hollywood. When Gene Luen Yang saw the casting for The Last Airbender, he immediately decided not to see it....why? The actors are white instead of Asian. This happens a lot in Eastern-cultured films, where a Chinese person (in looks and locale) will be played by an actor with no Asian descent. The Last Airbender is supposed to celebrate the ancient traditions and mythologies of ancient Japan, but rather it makes them whitewashed. Dragonball Evolution did the same. Even though I enjoyed the movie for some reason and find Josh Chatwin a talented, engaging actor, the movie took the main character and whitewashed him for some reason.

It's not just Asian; it's all minorities. Look at the treatment of Storm throughout the X-Men films: first one...African accent; second...poised and crisp but no accent; third...casual and no accent at all. What happened to Storm's African roots? They disappeared that quickly?

I thought films were supposed to be ahead of the game and revolutionary; instead we see them segregating and reinforcing stereotypes. At least we have great roles for women now: ranging from Sarah Connor to Little Women to The Hours.

What movies made in your country do you own that have a "minority" lead role? Is the minority character whitewashed?

Feminist Feature: Female Messiah!

So we went from the "decimation" of the mutant race because of Scarlet Witch warping reality, taking away the powers of most mutants in the world, many of which died due to their mutations physical features stayed the same and couldn't adapt to being homo sapien (known as M-Day). Then came the Messiah Complex: the "arms" race to get to the new, and only, mutant baby born since M-Day. The baddies obliterated an entire town, babies and all. The X-Men were too late to save the day, but they managed to rescue Hope, the newly-born mutant. There, Cable took her into the future, followed by Bishop. The entire run of the recent Cable series has Bishop following their tracks, trying to kill Hope. This is how she's raised: fleeing and fighting for her life.

Now, she's like a child again when she comes to the present but at the same time a badass young lady, who's been raised in an eternal war. This is why she and X-23 connect with each other: they've been raised in horrible situations and, once out of it, don't know how to act. And the pressure's on for Hope. The X-Men have lost many on their quest to protect Hope: Caliban, Nightcrawler, Ariel, and more that I can't think of, I'm sure. Wolverine summed it up perfectly: "She better be worth it." The mutant race have been split on the necessity of Hope: she's had many killed when the mutant race is nearly extinct, so why are the X-Men risking so much for most likely just another mutant...and others have exactly what she was named HOPE. So far she's gotten into a fight with Moonstar, which was great, and is about to team-up with Rogue in badassery.

Typically we don't see allusions to female messiahs. There have only been male messiahs in literature. It's about time someone stepped it up. If she is somehow the one to revive the mutant gene, then the X-Men's deaths are not for nothing. But if she somehow becomes just an uber-powerful mutant. Could she save them all or destroy them all? This is yet another difference between Hope and other literary messiahs. She's multi-faceted, not directly a savior and perfect person. She's a rollercoaster of emotions, understandably. I'm anxious to see how this turns out!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

"I'm a Survivor" Farewell, Rue McClanahan

Adorable and sweet Estelle Getty passed, the second youngest actress of the Golden Girls. Then went the beloved theatrical Bea Arthur and, with her, the window drapes that she wore upon her signature shoulder pads. Then came more rue to my existence when the youngest of the gals had fallen victim to a massive stroke: Rue McClanahan made old sexy, oozing sexuality every second on screen. She was kind and honest in real life, a combination you don't find much in people. And she was strong, surviving many illnesses, including Breast Cancer. And it showed in her acting; she began taking motherly, strong roles that females could look up to. She was smart. She was beautiful. And she was talented.

Now we're left with the brutally hilarious and dirty Betty White. I've always loved her since I watched Golden Girls growing up in the late 80s and early 90s. And I'm 24. Somehow I remember watching it along with Empty Nest, and I would have only been 6 when its last new episode ran. That's how much of an impact it had on me. Even then I thought it was hilarious, being ignorant of what most jokes were alluding to. But I understood Rose's clean humor, derived from her own ignorance and ditziness. No one but Betty White could've pulled it off. I don't understand how she's become popular all of the sudden, just like Jane Lynch. They've ALWAYS been hilarious. They probably came out of the womb making people laugh. That would be a comedic pairing I'd love to see. I've come to conclude that Betty White is a deity of some sort. If she is not, she MUST discover immortality to keep entertaining. How is it that she's still the single funniest lady to currently exist? I just hope the world realizes the talent the world will surely lack once she is gone. But to me, they'll never be gone. That's the wonderful thing about the entertainment industry!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

You Again

This was brought to my attention by co-blogger Sally....I totally forgot to mention You Again as a film to look forward to in 2010. It's by director of Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical and She's the Man, two of my very favorite movies. This time around, the most adorable people are bunched together in one film. I've dreamed of the team-up of Betty White, Kristen Bell, and Kristin Chenoweth. How can anyone NOT want to see this? Can someone get Craig Ferguson and Lee Pace on this movie, too, before it comes out?!

Kristen Bell's character, now a successful business lady, was tormented in high school as a nerd. Her worst enemy, the most popular girl from school, is now marrying her brother, and she has to DEAL WITH IT!

Monday, May 17, 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: Chely Wright's Lifted off the Ground

So Chely Wright, who I'd always hoped to marry (after, you know, Bridget Regan and Zooey Deschanel were married off), comes out as being a lesbian. I'm proud of her. After she hit rock bottom with a gun in her mouth, ready to take her own life, she decided to publicly be herself. Being the first country star to come out is an amazing thing (KD Lang doesn't count). As for her new album Lifted off the Ground to coincide with her memoir Like Me: it's AMAZING! This is a whole new Country music. She raises the bar. She's turned away from radio country to being true to her personality. And I thought each song on Metropolitan Hotel was a piece of her soul. This takes the award, from the catchiness of the soft tunes like the first song "Broken" and "Snow Globe" (an almost newgrass tune reminiscent of Josh Turner) to the up-beat tunes of my favorite "Notes to the Coroner" (despite it's Debbie-Downer message) and "Damn Liar" where she rightfully uses the cuss words (the F-word!!! WHAT?!). And then we have the pure rawness of "Like Me." I'd love to talk about every single song, but it would be too much typing when I need to be preparing for teaching tomorrow and watching Chuck!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Legend of the Seeker CANCELED!

Damn, people. Legend of the Seeker, perhaps my favorite show aside from Better Off Ted and Parks and Recreation, has been canceled. If Better Off Ted is canceled, I might as well stop watching TV. I do look forward to Bridget Regan being more open for other projects, and I'll be sure to follow her career, as well as Tabrett Bethell. No longer do I get to see Bridget Regan be badass in a corset.

But we have another fantasy show to look forward to this summer, right? I'm TRYING to look on the bright side, folks.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Site of the Week: Sassy Gay Friend

Comedy Troupe Second City Network provides us with a twist on Shakespeare. What if the ladies in distress, about to be killed or commit suicide, have an intervention by a sassy gay friend who wears a sparkly scarf and an undersized shirt to show off his muffin top? Clearly, they would be talked out of being stupid. So far, we have Ophelia from Hamlet, Juliet from Romeo and Juliet, and Desdemona from Othello. The only complaint; they don't come out quickly enough! I want to see Portia from Julius Caesar and Lavinia from Titus Andronicus! And imagine if they expanded to real-life people like Sylvia Plath or other literary characters like Lily Bart in House of Mirth by Edith Wharton or Edna Pontillier in The Awakening by Kate Chopin.

Imagine the Sylvia Plath one..."What, what, what are you doing? Step away from the oven, sister. You've got two kids and a writing career. Do you think just because you die, your writing suddenly becomes famous and likable? Think again. You've already written your last words on a scratch piece of paper on the back of your grocery list. And keep it at that. Nobody wants to read about your dancing with your drunk daddy. Everyone's got daddy problems! What makes yours any different to where you get to off yourself? What are you doing? You don't want kids to bake cookies for their reading club bake sale in the shape of an oven with your head in it! I said turn the damn oven off, you stupid bitch! She's a stupid bitch."

Enjoy and wallow in the pain from not seeing another Sassy Gay Friend yet.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Party Down Season 2!

Season 2 starts tomorrow, you guys!

I've seen the first two episodes, and I can tell you that the dynamic is still the same without Jane Lynch. With Megan Mullally stepping in, it's hard to notice. She fills in the bright spot that Lynch played. The core cast has moved on in the show, but they return to their old selves. Unfortunately that means, they're still failures in terms of their goals in life. But if they succeed, that means they wouldn't be regulars, right?

Expect reprisals from Jane Lynch for her "new age wedding" as Mullally stated it and Kristen Bell in episode 7. She is Henry's lady friend, so we're bound to run into her, right? Steve Guttenberg will be guest starring in a role as a guy who puts on an orgy party. No one shows up but the caterers. Hilarity will ensure; I promise. This season will be epic. Pick up season 1 while you can; it's only 15 dollars almost everywhere you go! Good deal for a cable network show!

On a side note about Megan Mullally, she's developing a musical as a spin-off starring Karen Walker? Could be awesome, could be epic fail. We'll have to see, I suppose. And there was going to be a Karen spin-off TV show, co-starring Martin Short and Alec Baldwin....that would've been CLASSIC!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Movie of the Week...or less so.

Clash of the Titans was gods-awful. It was like a bad Sci-Fi channel flick. Unfortunately it was all about men. I thought maybe with the update, we'd get badass ladies, like Athena, Hera, etc get nice parts, but I suppose Andromeda and Io could be considered a forward step, but Io turned out to be a trophy wife. Andromeda showed great will power to do the right thing among insanity and hubris.

The comic relief duo was not very comedic. The best comedic parts were possibly by Liam Cunningham's Solon.

The creatures looked like the ripped off of Guillermo del Toro films and Cloverfield too much. I could have sworn the Krakken was just reused from the creature in Cloverfield. The Witches look like creatures straight out of Pan's Labryrinth or Hellboy II.

I did notice upon watching how similar all religions really are, especially Christianity and Greco-Roman paganism. Zeus sounded an awful lot like the Christian God, especially when he was planning on sending disasters to make humans fear him again, to get them under control and make them worship him again. Didn't God essentially do this in the Old Testament, like, every page? The Djinn represented the Middle-Eastern cultures that we are so ignorant of. These two cultures were at war with each other for so long simply because they never bothered to understand and respect each other.

I saw the film in 3D, as I had no choice. But I don't think it would've made a difference. I did watch half of it without my uncomfortable, bulky, painful, 3D glasses on, and it didn't look different, so 3d was rarely used, and for no good reason was it used. The 3D sequences were completely messy. I had no idea what was going on in some of the 3D battle sequences. This was my first 3D movie experience, and it's made me want to never, ever see a 3D movie again. If I want 3D, I'll go see a stage 4D! If companies are going to make us spend money on 3D movies, make them worth our money. Don't just put 20 minutes of a movie in 3D (nd 5 of which are actually decent in 3D), and advertise it as being in 3D.

There was overall a lack of substance and depth. I was glad to see that there was a lack of sex and romance as a plot developer, but what happened was not a coming-of-age film, but rather a hollow action film. The lines of good and evil were very clear-cut, and Ralph Fiennes' voice as Hades helped in taking that route. Don't go see this; I'm sorry I promoted it.

But look on the bright side! This weekend is Kick-Ass (and Chicago's comic convention C2E2)! And that's a guaranteed good movie!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Feminist Feature: The Avengers!

Remember my post on the X-Men being feminist? Well, despite Marvel's amazing female characters, they are largely invisible, especially in the upcoming Avengers. Of three core teams: Avengers, New Avengers, and Secret Avengers, we have approximately one female per team right now with five members released, but the Secret cast is still shadows (but one seems to be female).

Ms. Marvel is shown on the New Avengers cover for June, but the first five team members were revealed to be Wolverine, Spider-Man, Thing, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones/Jewel. I love this team. I really do. But I want more females. Is Ms. Marvel really going to be on it? Why not have Jewel and Spider-Woman be on the same team? They're supposed to be friends from Jessica's days as a P.I. And Carol is supposed to be Jessica's best friend.

And Spider-Woman is part of the adjectiveless Avengers team. I love her like crazy, especially after the series she just had, which got cut to be a mini. So she's on a team with Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America. So the three biggest names of the Avengers will completely overpower her or bring her up in status. We'll see how this plays out. But there are plenty of female Avengers, and I think we could have more on a team. I know. We should just care about good characters. And I do. But you can turn a crappy character into a good character (usually) if given to a different writer. I love Bendis's writing, and I think his women are fantastic, but I wish he'd write more of them to maybe help being in even more female fans and show equality among the sexes. It's ridiculous!

Once this will happen, maybe more races will be represented in the Avengers. Like Wolverine, Storm could totally be on the Avengers. Or sexuality differences. Bring Wiccan and Hulkling to the forefront. Integrate the Young Avengers into the Avengers, and maybe we'd get them some more respect. I still love the Avengers, and I'm all for good characters, no matter what, but I think it'd be nice to have some diversity to draw in readers and help some people who need to relate to something.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Site of the Week (3/15-3/21): Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles

Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles essentially two characters: Mr. Wiggles, a drunken sex-addicted teddy bear, and the cartoon exaggerated version of the nerdy and slightly insane creator Neil Swaab. Enjoy the extreme dirtiness and nerdiness. A good combination, if you ask me!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Celtic Corner: St. Patty's Playlist!

St. Patrick's Day...a day when everyone seems to be Irish. My problem is that why don't you claim and celebrate your Irish heritage every day? I do, and I have very little Irish in me. My great-great grandma. That's it. And that's apparently where I get my red hair. I listen to Irish music every day, read something about Ireland nearly every day. I let people know about Ireland and its troubles, its art, and its wonder, but I don't romanticize it. So I party on St. Patty's Day because it's the one day I feel somewhat normal. I don't care for the origins either: a man from Roman Britain converts pagan Ireland to force. Not cool. I'm not a fan of colonialism (and I know the U.S. did and still does that, and I hate it). I hate that I see people asking for bibles for starving Africans, rather than food. Bibles will not save them from death; food will. Apparently we still try to save the heathens from eternal damnation. For St. Patty, though it may not have been him directly, converting was not a choice: you convert or die.

I tried to narrow it down to 23 tracks: around the normal amount for a full 80-minute CD. It was tough. I chose the more upbeat songs I know and love, which was also tough. There's plenty of traditional drinking songs sung by the Clancy Brothers or The Dubliners, but I'd like to open you to the ancient land of Erin, with centuries of turmoil and striking beauty. From traditional tunes to modern folk to modern rock I give you my list of tunes to download for St. Patty's Day. Yes, The Cranberries are from Ireland.

"The Light Dragoon" from the album Last Leaves

Seth Lakeman
"The Hurlers" from Poor Man's Heaven

Cara Dillon
"Here's a Health" from After the Morning
"The Streets of Derry" from After the Morning
"The Hill of Thieves" from Hill of Thieves

Karan Casey
"The King's Shilling" from The Wing Begins to Sing
"When Will We All Be Free?" from Chasing the Sun

"The Wind That Shakes the Barley" from Sunny Spells & Scattered Showers
"Pastures of Plenty" from The Words That Remain OR Reunion: A Decade of Solas

The Cranberries
"Dreams" from Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
"Free to Decide" from To the Faithful Departed

Tommy Sands
"Let the Circle Be Wide" from Let the Circle Be Wide
"There Were Roses" from Singing of the Times
"Don't Call Me Early in the Morning" from Singing of the Times

Fionn Regan
"Put a Penny in the Slot" from The End of History

Tim O'Brien
"Wagoner's Lad" from The Crossing (feat. Kathy Mattea)
"Demon Lover" from Two Journeys (feat. Karan Casey)

Damien Dempsey
"Colony" from They Don't Teach This Shit in School
"Great Gaels of Ireland" from Seize the Day
"St. Patrick's Day" from Shots

Emer Kenny
"Parting Glass" from Parting Glass

The Chieftains
"Raggle Taggle Gypsy" from Further Down the Old Plank Road (feat. Nickel Creek)

Dolly Parton
"We Irish" from Alive and Well

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Parks and Rec updates

Paul Schneider is leaving Parks and Recreation. THANK GOD! His character Mark was lame as hell. He was okay, being the only sane one in a group of insane, weird people. But it was working, and neither was his relationship with Anne. That means they break up. So.....spoilers! Sorry I said it afterwards! On an even brighter side, Adam Scott joins the cast! Woohoo! Hopefully it won't conflict with his Party Down schedule. His humor will fit in perfectly. Rob Lowe is also slated to join the cast of Parks. Rob Lowe and government positions are not really strangers, are they? He might as well become a frakking politician, acting like one so much. (Reported in LA Times with Mike Schur's affirmation)

Update: Adam Scott IS leaving Party Down. Full report here. He WILL return for three eps if it's renewed for a third season. I guess we're just going to have to DEAL WITH IT (said in a Phil Myman voice)!

Update #2: Natalie Morales of The Middleman will be showing up next season as well!!!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Celtic Corner: Amy MacDonald

Amy MacDonald is an amazing singer/songwriter pop musician from Scotland. She had a sassy teen spirit in her first album and some critical tunes of celebrity and politicians who don't listen to the young people's voices because they think we don't know what we're talking about. There wasn't a song on This is the Life that I wasn't in love with. The new album A Curious Thing, just released March 8, is more mature but not as catchy but still incredibly catchy, so that says something about the debut album. I still love every single song. MacDonald's voice is Delores O'Riordan meets deep-voiced Kathryn Roberts meets Natalie Merchant. Songs range in subject from heartbreak to finding your place and another song about celebrity. Highlights include "Don't Tell Me It's Over," a song about just trying to discover and understand the world while some people try to preach the world's end and destruction, the celebrity-ego-critical "An Ordinary Life," a song about skin-deep beauty only going so far "This Pretty Face," and the moving devotional "What Happiness Means to Me."

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Looking Forward in 2010

What am I looking forward to in 2010? Well, Jam's baby has been that's over.


How to Train Your Dragon
March 26
The Olympics brought something else to make my giddy: How to Train Your Dragon looks fun for all ages. The humor; the action; the plot. Kristen Wiig does a voice, and I'm a fan of anything she does. Unfortunately Jonah Hill will also be voicing, but at least I don't have watch his annoying self.

Clash of the Titans
April 2
This movie looks incredible. I'm stoked to see it; it sounds like mythology is coming back again. Stars Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes (who DO look alike and respectively play brothers Zeus and Hades) will make this film even better.

April 16
The comic got a film deal almost immediately! I have yet to get my hands on the comic because of its outrageous popularity. But the trailers look amazing: hilarious and awesomely action-packed. I'm thrilled about Hit-Girl, played by the ever-amazing Chloe Moretz. You may have seen her in (500) Days of Summer. It's likely you have if you're reading this blog. Nicholas Cage is also in it...woohoo....I wouldn't take your kids to this though, even though it's a couple kids. They're just going around killing people with katanas and blunt weapons. It might pose problems for some parents.

Iron Man 2
May 7
I admit: I hate Iron Man in the comics. He's an ass; I sided with the rebels in the Civil War. I tend to do that anyway. But damn that first movie was GOLD! I'm looking forward to the second installment. Marvel produces much better superhero movies than FOX.

November 24
Kristen Bell plays a small-town gal who moves to the city and works in a Burlesque show. I'll be first in line at the theatre. Other cast members include Eric Dane, Stanley Tucci, Cher, Julianne Hough, Cher, Christina Aguilera, Peter Gallagher, and Alan Cumming. I'm excited. Lots of legs.

The Best and the Brightest
Neil Patrick Harris and Bonnie Sommerville play a young couple who want to ge tthier kid into an exclusive kindergarten school, and Bridget Regan plays NPH's clingy ex-ladyfriend. Amy Sedaris also lends her INSANE comedic comedy to the likely-inappropriate film. NPH and Sommerville's characters find out just how difficult it is to get your kid in the school.

Barry Munday
No known release date
Starring Patrick Wilson, Judy Greer, Mae Whitman, Colin Hanks, Missi Pyle, Jean Smart, Emily Procter, Malcolm McDowell, Cybill Shepherd and Chloe Sevigny, Barry Munday will surely be funny. This will be hilarious, especially when the plot starts out with Wilson's character missing his "family jewels." His day keeps getting worse after that, including being required to have a paternity lawsuit filed against him.

The Tempest
No known release date
Julie Tamor's latest adaptation of a Shakespearean play will no doubt be amazing, but she has Titus to live up to. She has a fantastic vision and interpretation of Shakespeare. She's done a version on stage, so it should be familiar for her.

No known release date
I loved Ben Gourley's last film Moving MacAllister, and surely this film will be just as enthralling of an adventure as that. It co-stars Jason Mewes as Gourley's best friend. Lindsay McKeon


The return of GLEE
No more needs to be said!

"Game of Thrones"
Adapted from Song of Fire and Ice, one of the most beloved Fantasy novels, the HBO epic will feature Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (New Amsterdam, Virtuality, Wilmbledon) and a slew of fantastic overseas films like Natten), Sean Bean, Jennifer Ehle (Pride & Glory, Possession co-starring Aaron Eckhart and Gewnyth Paltrow), Peter Dinklage (current token little person actor), Lena Headey (300, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles), and Brian Thompson (misc TV shows and surely recognizable). This will be amazing.

"Party Down"
The second season, as I've mentioned will pick up Megan Mullally. WOOHOO! Everyone should be watching.

Betty White hosts SNL
May 8
Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Molly Shannon, Rachel Dratch, Maya Rudolph, and Ana Gasteyer guest star with the lovely, raunchy 88-year-old Golden Girl. If the writing can keep up with the talent, then this will be the best SNL episode in a decade or so.


Mindy McCready
"I'm Still Here"
March 23
You can preview her new music on her website, and the album's title is the title of the current single, available on i-Tunes. Her voice sounds better than ever, and I'm thrilled of her return to the music industry. Here's to hoping she doesn't mess up her life in the public eye anymore!

She & Him
"Volume II"
March 23
Zooey Deschanel is penning many of Volume II's tunes, and covers include NRBQ's "Ridin' in My Car" and Skeeter Davis's "Gonna Get Along with You." Tilly and the Wall will guest on the song "In the Sun," which is the current single. On the single's B-Side is the song "I Can Hear Music."

Tao Seeger Band
"Rise and Bloom"
Tao, Pete Seeger's grandson, is previously of the group The Mammals and currently of the Tao Seeger Band. He's a dark, rough, alternative folk-rock music. I can't wait to get my hands on this gem!

Elizabeth Cook
May 11

Look for a new album from Scotland's BEST band likely this Fall. I can't wait to hear a recorded version of "Young Emslie" and whatever other lost goodies are in store for us.


The Heroic Age
Marvel enters The Heroic Age in just a couple months, ending the Dark Reign, which went on for far too long. I can't wait!!! I am disappointed in the number of Avengers books and what they are. I'll buy New Avengers and Avengers but not Secret and Academy.

Legends: The Enchanted
The preview came out Feb. 3, and the graphic novel comes out in April. It's a steampunk take on fairytales.

Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale
A graphic novel about Shepherd Books' past. Excited! It will be written by Whedon's brother Zack.

Serenity: Float Out
June 2
This one-shot will feature some of Wash's old friends as they take out a ship they've fixed up, christening it in a way, which is called "float out." It's written by Patton Oswalt...yup, the actor!

Pushing Daisies: Season 3
No known release date
Continuing canceled shows in comic book form seems to be a trend of which I'm glad. As far as we know, Bryan Fuller has completed a couple issues of the series. I'd love to have it continue past the third season, but it's unlikely.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Office Webisodes: The Mentor

March 4 is going to be exciting for The Office fans, considering it's the birth of Jam's baby, but it's also the day that new webisodes start! This time around, the webisodes again star Angela but also newcomer Erin. Erin has expressed her interest in accounting, so Angela, being the motherly type, takes her under her wing to show her how to be an accountant. This may cause tension with her friendship with Kelly, as surely Angela disdains Subtle Sexuality. And will Erin stay secretary? Maybe Kevin will switch jobs and be receptionist, as he's shown great promise when they were left without one.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We've got lots of TV news already, but I'm sure there will be more in the next month with more renewal updates.

Better Off Ted is course on death row, but I still have a ray of hope, considering it's uber-cheap to make because it doesn't have huge stars on it. There's little to no special effects, and it has a in irksome, devoted fanbase that will destroy ABC in any way they can for canceling the show. Fans of Arrested Development and Pushing Daisies have found comfort in this show because of its quirky, quick dialogue and odd characters. And they are determined to not let this show go without a fight. Even the creator and Jay Harrington have some hope about it, even though Andrea Anders and Harrington have signed on for pilots for the next season. This shouldn't stop the show, considering there's only 13 episodes of a 30-minute sitcom. Filming probably doesn't take long. So when in off season of another show, Anders and Harrington can work on BOT. (PS-Bill Pullman will play Harrington's father on the pilot.)

In more TV news....Rachael Leigh Cook will star in a new FOX sitcom called Nirvana, which is about two Indian men who try to assimilate into American culture. This concept shows great promise. I'd imagine it can point out an awful lot about American culture that seems totally ridiculous. Cook plays a girlfriend to one of the men. (Hollywood Reporter)

Will Arnett will be starring in another FOX sitcom "as a wealthy Beverly Hills man who winds up falling for a woman who can't stand his obnoxious ways." I'm game for anything with Arnett. (Variety)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Favorite Current TV Couples

Valentine's Day might have passed, but that doesn't mean we still can't celebrate love. Let alone fictional TV love. There are many swoon-worthy TV couples out there, but I've compiled my list of the top three.

1. Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl
There have been many pairings on this show, but the only one that seems to make sense (and seems to not have been born out of nothing more than hormones or the urge to get ahead) is the union of Chuck and Blair. After watching the other relationships crash and burn on this series time after time, it's refreshing to watch a couple that is truly meant for each other. Chuck and Blair may be money/status-hungry, conniving characters, but that's not all they have in common. At the end of the day, they both would do anything for their family and friends. Making it a love that will (possibly) last.

2. Jim Halpert and Pam (Beasley) Halpert - The Office
Who doesn't love PB & J? This couple is all kinds of adorable and has been since the first episode when Pam was engaged to Roy. After countless adorable flirtatious moments, ("Hey") a season of courting and finally an engagement, JAM tied the knot this season. Here's hoping the cuteness continues with the little one due in March.

3. Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin - How I Met Your Mother
If you've ever looked ahead to your future and pictured your grey-haired self sitting on the front porch with your grey-haired spouse you can understand the love I have for Marshall and Lily. True, there was that season Lily almost threw it all away, but I don't like to think of that. I just focus on the fact that they're adorable now. No wonder it's taken Ted so long to find the one. He has Marshall and Lily's love to live up to. Through sword fights and titled apartments they stick together.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Too Many Medical Dramas Drama

What's the deal with medical dramas? Essentially they're all the same. The same characters exists throughout each drama. This just in: Amy Smart will star in a CBS medical drama as a nurse who doesn't take shit from doctors (source from imdb). E.R. NEVER did this. Or Grey's Anatomy. Or Nurse Jackie, HawthoRNe, Trauma, Private Practice, House M.D., Three Rivers, Mercy, or the ten other medical dramas out there. I guess the public likes these or the networks wouldn't vomit them out. I don't find vomiting an excellent way to impress people, but that's my opinion. People, if you've seen one, you've seen them all. Quit watching every single medical drama! There's better TV out there during that time slot. I guarantee it.

Don't get me started on crime dramas...what's with the CSI line?!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Feminist Feature: Bobby's Top Feminist TV Shows

5. Sactuary

Dr. Helen Magnus, played by Amanda Tapping, is a genius, developed over a hundred years. She is an activist for abnormals, but if need be, she will kill a dangerous abnormal. She is an abnormal herself, created by a serum of pure vampire blood, giving her the power of longevity. Not to mention there’s badasses Kate Freelander and Ashley Magnus.

4. Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars starred Kristen Bell as a teen sleuth. Once popular and now a social outcast after being raped and distancing herself from anyone she trusted. It didn't help that her father is also a private detective who was once a police chief who was wrongly accused of wrongly arresting someone and lost the favor of the town who turned to the current chief of police goofball. Veronica develops a friendship with other outcasts, who help her in her cases, no questions asked. Because they trust her. The less they know, the less danger they're in. Veronica is an independent woman, who rushes into danger without fearing it. She's witty and bitterly sarcastic. Her technologically-savvy friend Mac is also a feminist icon, paving her own way, being a crazy-awesome hacker and computer wiz.

3. Xena: Warrior Princess

The one that started a feminist revolution on television in the 90s as a spin-off of Hercules: The Legendary Journey. It was an inspiration to women everywhere, and a lesbian icon, especially in its last season, when Xena and her traveling scholarly (turned sidekick warrior) companion Gabrielle became a bit closer in their relationship. By closer I mean sexual stimulating in a way. Lots of kissing and feeling between the two. I didn't get to see much of the final season due to the unfortunate circumstance of not being able to receive the channel.

2. The Legend of the Seeker

Read past posts of my love for this under-rated, under-watched show.

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel

The female roles in these two shows are outstanding. Joss Whedon loves his strong women, which he credits to his mother...Willow being an uber-witch, Buffy and Faith (and many, many others now) being vampire slayers (only can a woman chosen for that role), Tara being another powerful witch and Willow's gay lover, Fred becoming the crazy-powerful smurfish Illyria, the independent, strong detective Kate, the once-ditzy-turned-powerful-and-helpful Cordelia, Anya being a once-powerful demon, Lilah, and Angel's love from long ago Darla, who sired him. There's no shortage of strong women in Whedon's shows, and it continued with Firefly/Serenity and Dollhouse. And in comics with Astonishing X-Men, Buffy Season 8, and Runaways. Next up for Whedon: Wonder Woman movie!

Honorable Mentions
: Dollhouse, Firefly, and Wonder Woman

I don't count Charlie's Angels because of the highly sexualized and objectified women on it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Site of the Week 2/8/10-2/14/10: Comics Alliance

Comics Alliance has some of the best writers: clever, witty, and hilarious. They stumble upon great finds, not just in comics, but in all nerdy entertainment. Check it out for some good laughs and informative reads. They highlight some of the most ridiculous moments from comics, like swimsuit issues (you know...the nerd's version of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition) and the worst sex scenes in comics, which is sooooo funny. An article just today was extremely well-written and critical: The Real Protests of Captain America #602. Apparently the Tea Party is getting their anti-Obama panties in a bunch about the most recent issue of Cap. Maybe if they didn't have signs that read "TEA BAG THEM DEMS BEFORE THEY TEA BAG YOU!" they wouldn't appear as a problematic obstacle to Bucky and Steve Rogers.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Variety Shows: Ferguson/White/Bell

I'm a fan of variety shows. I wasn't too much of a fan of Carrie Underwood's, mostly because I'm not a fan of hers but I enjoyed her guest appearances from Dolly, KChen, and Christina Applegate. Alex Borstein and Seth MacFarlane's variety show I thought was funny but also awkward at times. Obviously a weekly variety show, no matter who hosts, will not work, maybe unless it's a different host every week. But I say the next variety show special should be Betty White, Craig Ferguson, and Kristen Bell. Craig has fun rapports with his guests, but I think the most outrageously adorable and hilarious are when White and Bell are on. The senses of humor are similar and the cuteness factor of the show rises to exceed the cute-o-meter. With Betty's dirty jokes and get-rich quick schemes, Kristen Bell's singing and adorableness, and Craig's presence and Scottish insanity, this variety show will be utterly awesome. I'm thinking of the abdominal pains I'll have when the show is over from laughing so hard. Please, CBS, make this variety show happen. I would post youtube videos of the dynamic duos together, but I don't know how to do that haha. Perhaps one of my ghost of co-bloggers could do that.

Thoughts? Who would you like to see host a variety show?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Celtic Corner: MALINKY!

Sooooooooooo I'm going to see the Scottish group Malinky this fine weekend with fun friends and surely fun times. Malinky is comprised of three Scots, an Irishman, and an Englishman playing traditional tunes from the British isles. Often their tunes are nearly lost through time until Steve rediscovers them and makes them Malinky's. There's melodies are often haunting and sometimes downright fun, but they're always flawlessly brilliant. Fiona Hunter's beautiful voice can sound fun and light like on "Shipyard's Apprentice" or dark, foreboding, and mournful like on "Edom O'Gordon." Steve Byrne's love of traditional music comes through in every note he plays bouzouki and guitar and sings. It's infused in his body, a part of him, and you know it. Mark Dunlop, who plays tin whistle, bodhran, and other percussiony instruments, with an Irish lilted voice aches and moans with the heartbreak of the Irish plight in "Dark Horse on the Wind." Dave Wood's stunning guitar playing has earned him prestigious gigs such as playing at the premiere of Fellowship of the Ring in 2001. Mike Vass's fiddle playing is top notch, infectious throughout Europe. When Malinky is off tour, he teaches summer music programs, inspiring young musicians to be as great as he is. Often he writes the fiddle tunes on the albums, and he's soon to release a solo album of live music, such as his Celtic Crossroads highlight. I promise you that you will at least think that Malinky is deserving of the adjective "quality" in reference to their music, even if you're not a fan of the music. You could consider Malinky preservationist due to their use of Scots-English and love of traditional tunes, especially since Byrne is part of the Scottish Arts Council. Unfortunately there's really not much Scottish Gaelic. Check it out. If you like more upbeat, bluegrassy folk tunes, you might like the first two albums The Last Leaves and 3 Ravens more. But if you're into crisp, more traditional, dark sounds, turn to the most recent albums The Unseen Hours and Flower & Iron. Expect a new album by the lineup of Flower & Iron soon. They've recently recorded in the studio before heading here to the States for a small Midwest tour.

Update: Malinky was awesome. We were fortunate to have a preview for the next album. It's a tune called "Young Emslie" with Fiona on lead vocals, and it's one of my most stunning songs I've ever heard...a nice murder ballad. Fiona learned it from the deceased singer Lizzie Higgins. Unfortunately I'm having difficulties tracking the song down. This is often the problem with finding earlier versions fo Malinky's songs. They revive tunes that have been lost for years. Good to see them again and a good time after the show. It turns out that nearly all of them teach classes when off tour. How adorable.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Feminist Feature: Feminist Films

I've rated MY top five feminist films, not in really any order.

5. Lord of the Rings
The few women in these films make them feminist. Galadriel is possibly the most powerful non-evil being in middle-earth. She's incredibly wise (not to mention creepy). Arwen's an all-around awesome character. She is willing to defy her father's will and sacrifice her immortality for a life with Aragorn. And Eowyn is....argh! Eowyn is so awesome, you guys! Her biggest fear is to be caged. She can fight (and fight well). She's brave, and she does what men do (and at one point even what they can't do...destroy the Witch-King!!! BADASS!!!!!). She's just amazing.

4. Drag Me to Hell
A business woman tries to get ahead in the corporate world, and in doing so, she ends up being cursed when she denies a loan which she really wants to approve. Strong female characters are the lead and pivotal roles. Gypsies, goats, saliva, and fire also make big appearances.

3. Bend It Like Beckham
It's been a while since I've seen this film, but a film about two 18-year-old girls who defy their parents wishes of becoming domestic to go for their dreams of being soccer players.

2. She's the Man
I love this movie like crazy. The fact that Viola, played by Amanda Bynes, goes to the lengths of pretending to be her brother to play sports and to show the guys that ladies can play just as well as the guys is something that makes this truly feminist.

1. Mists of Avalon
In Mists, the focus is Morgaine, who is raised in Avalon, where women are taught the ways of the goddess, to be self-sufficient, to develop their gifts from the goddess, and even to fight. The Lady of the Lake, Vivianne, needs to man in her life. She is the instrument of the mother goddess. Only men of Avalon blood are permitted to set foot on its soil. Again the focus is on the women as the main source of power (often conflicting with each other), which leads to them intervening with fate and saving the old religion while the new one begins to spread.

Honorable mention: 9 to 5. DOLLY!

What are yours?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Avengers Disassembles...Again

In April, the Avengers books (New, Mighty, Initiative, and Dark) will end their reign. I'm not one to care about numbering, if a book continues or not, just as long as the characters continue somewhere. But I get the feeling that the Avengers will still be around, just in a different light to the Marvel Universe's public. Perhaps it's also a way to reunite the Marvel heroes after so much that tore them apart and sent many into hiding. Marvel says we're going into the Heroic Age of comics, so who knows what the future holds. Perhaps our Marvel universe will be more cohesive and unified. Maybe teams won't be so exclusive.

Despite my love for the X-Men and the Avengers, they love their own. Example: Avengers were very adamant against the Young Avengers for using the name, which is good to weed out bad examples, but at the same time they make it sound like a country club or something. The X-Men currently have segregated themselves from the rest of the U.S. citizens. Why? It wasn't really clear until this past issue of Uncanny, when Fraction has Cyclops defend himself to Emma, saying that as long as Norman Osborn is in reign. They've been significantly absent from Marvel events. I'd love to see more X-Men team up with the Avengers, not just Wolverine and occasionally Storm, who is vastly underused in the rest of the MU. I'd love to see Avengers come to help the X-Men.

Will this be a core group of Avengers to lead the way into the next era of heroes? Will there be alternating spots for various B-listers, like the Young Avengers? What is going to happen?! I'm freaking out!

At least the women of Marvel will be spotlighted more with Black Widow, Spider-Woman, Girl Comics, and various female figures with their own books. This is an exciting time for Marvel. Finally the rest of the Marvel universe is catching up to the X-Men in showing the value and power of the women. Too bad Miss Marvel ended. She's badass. Can't have too many solo books. I think it's better to do solo books in limited runs or a miniseries. I'm anxious to see how many issues Spider-Woman will be. It's on hold in April for the shift in Marvel. Lots of books flying at us that month.

Can I mention Husk's return in X-Men Legacy? AWESOME! She's on a team with Psylocke, Rogue, Magneto, Colossus, and Trance, led by Nightcrawler, to investigate the return of Proteus. Husk and Psylocke are written beautifully by Mike Carey: Husk being rational and pragmatic and Psylocke being determined and locigal. Husk and Psylocke are surprisingly similar, but it seems Husk is going to see what the others don't in Destiny and Blindfold's prophecies. Hopefully Carey's use of Husk will bring her back into the fold. Look at this badassery! And even Clay Mann's art is impressive and realistic in terms of female figure. Chests aren't exaggerated and waists aren't tiny. Love his work on Elektra, who's missing after her Dark Reign miniseries. I want her back.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Site of the Week: 1/11-1/16/2010!

Sorry for the lack of updates!

Atlas Obscura is CRAZY awesome! Thanks to Bridget Regan for giving me this site on twitter. I'm telling you she's full of goodies! Funny thing--when I first looked at the website, I thought, "WOW! Many of these places are in the movie The Fall," which I finally bought. (Now I can watch it every day...if I had time to watch it every day.) You won't be able to stop looking at this site once you start. If you're looking to travel somewhere, you can even search the Atlas Obscura database by state or country! I immediately checked out Ireland's weird wonders.

And speaking of Bridget Regan....for my enjoyment and hopefully some of yours...Kahlan and Cara from the upcoming episode!!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Pleasant Surprise: Batwoman

One of my favorite runs in a comic book has ended, and it was only seven issues. And get this: it was Detective Comics...I know! I never thought I'd say that. Ever. But Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams III as a team bring Batwoman as a character to whole new level. They upped the bar for comic quality for storytelling and art AND together. The writing is superb, delving into Kate Kane's past, revealing more that ends up revealing the present situation. It's a puzzle. The artistic style is different between certain situations: the past is more grainier and rougher, much like a flashback would be; the present is sharp and the color punches you in the face; non-action sequences are tamed down and less colorful; but action sequences are defined by the shattered glass look when Batwoman is kicking ass and the red and black....oh the red! The art is seductive with its subtle sexual innuendos, use of color, and its multi-layered symbolism. Take a look here at Kate Kane/Batwoman and Alice:

How could you NOT love this art? It's inventive and fresh and (if you read the comic) says so much with just one page in subtext. Williams and Rucka have redefined superhero comics and made it into something substantial.

But for those of you reading the comic or will read the arc, look for the creative duo to be creating a Batwoman solo title this year. EXCITING!!!!