Saturday, January 23, 2010

Avengers Disassembles...Again

In April, the Avengers books (New, Mighty, Initiative, and Dark) will end their reign. I'm not one to care about numbering, if a book continues or not, just as long as the characters continue somewhere. But I get the feeling that the Avengers will still be around, just in a different light to the Marvel Universe's public. Perhaps it's also a way to reunite the Marvel heroes after so much that tore them apart and sent many into hiding. Marvel says we're going into the Heroic Age of comics, so who knows what the future holds. Perhaps our Marvel universe will be more cohesive and unified. Maybe teams won't be so exclusive.

Despite my love for the X-Men and the Avengers, they love their own. Example: Avengers were very adamant against the Young Avengers for using the name, which is good to weed out bad examples, but at the same time they make it sound like a country club or something. The X-Men currently have segregated themselves from the rest of the U.S. citizens. Why? It wasn't really clear until this past issue of Uncanny, when Fraction has Cyclops defend himself to Emma, saying that as long as Norman Osborn is in reign. They've been significantly absent from Marvel events. I'd love to see more X-Men team up with the Avengers, not just Wolverine and occasionally Storm, who is vastly underused in the rest of the MU. I'd love to see Avengers come to help the X-Men.

Will this be a core group of Avengers to lead the way into the next era of heroes? Will there be alternating spots for various B-listers, like the Young Avengers? What is going to happen?! I'm freaking out!

At least the women of Marvel will be spotlighted more with Black Widow, Spider-Woman, Girl Comics, and various female figures with their own books. This is an exciting time for Marvel. Finally the rest of the Marvel universe is catching up to the X-Men in showing the value and power of the women. Too bad Miss Marvel ended. She's badass. Can't have too many solo books. I think it's better to do solo books in limited runs or a miniseries. I'm anxious to see how many issues Spider-Woman will be. It's on hold in April for the shift in Marvel. Lots of books flying at us that month.

Can I mention Husk's return in X-Men Legacy? AWESOME! She's on a team with Psylocke, Rogue, Magneto, Colossus, and Trance, led by Nightcrawler, to investigate the return of Proteus. Husk and Psylocke are written beautifully by Mike Carey: Husk being rational and pragmatic and Psylocke being determined and locigal. Husk and Psylocke are surprisingly similar, but it seems Husk is going to see what the others don't in Destiny and Blindfold's prophecies. Hopefully Carey's use of Husk will bring her back into the fold. Look at this badassery! And even Clay Mann's art is impressive and realistic in terms of female figure. Chests aren't exaggerated and waists aren't tiny. Love his work on Elektra, who's missing after her Dark Reign miniseries. I want her back.

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