Thursday, February 18, 2010

Favorite Current TV Couples

Valentine's Day might have passed, but that doesn't mean we still can't celebrate love. Let alone fictional TV love. There are many swoon-worthy TV couples out there, but I've compiled my list of the top three.

1. Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl
There have been many pairings on this show, but the only one that seems to make sense (and seems to not have been born out of nothing more than hormones or the urge to get ahead) is the union of Chuck and Blair. After watching the other relationships crash and burn on this series time after time, it's refreshing to watch a couple that is truly meant for each other. Chuck and Blair may be money/status-hungry, conniving characters, but that's not all they have in common. At the end of the day, they both would do anything for their family and friends. Making it a love that will (possibly) last.

2. Jim Halpert and Pam (Beasley) Halpert - The Office
Who doesn't love PB & J? This couple is all kinds of adorable and has been since the first episode when Pam was engaged to Roy. After countless adorable flirtatious moments, ("Hey") a season of courting and finally an engagement, JAM tied the knot this season. Here's hoping the cuteness continues with the little one due in March.

3. Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin - How I Met Your Mother
If you've ever looked ahead to your future and pictured your grey-haired self sitting on the front porch with your grey-haired spouse you can understand the love I have for Marshall and Lily. True, there was that season Lily almost threw it all away, but I don't like to think of that. I just focus on the fact that they're adorable now. No wonder it's taken Ted so long to find the one. He has Marshall and Lily's love to live up to. Through sword fights and titled apartments they stick together.


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  1. NIIIIICE, although I have NO idea about Gossip Girl.

    My addition:
    Kahlan and Richard from Legend of the Seeker...couple that doesn't and can't have sex.

    Sheldon...I mean Leonard...and Penny on The Big Bang Theory

    AND every couple on Modern Family. Every one of them. All hilarious. All awesome.