Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We've got lots of TV news already, but I'm sure there will be more in the next month with more renewal updates.

Better Off Ted is course on death row, but I still have a ray of hope, considering it's uber-cheap to make because it doesn't have huge stars on it. There's little to no special effects, and it has a in irksome, devoted fanbase that will destroy ABC in any way they can for canceling the show. Fans of Arrested Development and Pushing Daisies have found comfort in this show because of its quirky, quick dialogue and odd characters. And they are determined to not let this show go without a fight. Even the creator and Jay Harrington have some hope about it, even though Andrea Anders and Harrington have signed on for pilots for the next season. This shouldn't stop the show, considering there's only 13 episodes of a 30-minute sitcom. Filming probably doesn't take long. So when in off season of another show, Anders and Harrington can work on BOT. (PS-Bill Pullman will play Harrington's father on the pilot.)

In more TV news....Rachael Leigh Cook will star in a new FOX sitcom called Nirvana, which is about two Indian men who try to assimilate into American culture. This concept shows great promise. I'd imagine it can point out an awful lot about American culture that seems totally ridiculous. Cook plays a girlfriend to one of the men. (Hollywood Reporter)

Will Arnett will be starring in another FOX sitcom "as a wealthy Beverly Hills man who winds up falling for a woman who can't stand his obnoxious ways." I'm game for anything with Arnett. (Variety)

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