Thursday, February 11, 2010

Site of the Week 2/8/10-2/14/10: Comics Alliance

Comics Alliance has some of the best writers: clever, witty, and hilarious. They stumble upon great finds, not just in comics, but in all nerdy entertainment. Check it out for some good laughs and informative reads. They highlight some of the most ridiculous moments from comics, like swimsuit issues (you know...the nerd's version of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition) and the worst sex scenes in comics, which is sooooo funny. An article just today was extremely well-written and critical: The Real Protests of Captain America #602. Apparently the Tea Party is getting their anti-Obama panties in a bunch about the most recent issue of Cap. Maybe if they didn't have signs that read "TEA BAG THEM DEMS BEFORE THEY TEA BAG YOU!" they wouldn't appear as a problematic obstacle to Bucky and Steve Rogers.

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