Saturday, March 13, 2010

Parks and Rec updates

Paul Schneider is leaving Parks and Recreation. THANK GOD! His character Mark was lame as hell. He was okay, being the only sane one in a group of insane, weird people. But it was working, and neither was his relationship with Anne. That means they break up. So.....spoilers! Sorry I said it afterwards! On an even brighter side, Adam Scott joins the cast! Woohoo! Hopefully it won't conflict with his Party Down schedule. His humor will fit in perfectly. Rob Lowe is also slated to join the cast of Parks. Rob Lowe and government positions are not really strangers, are they? He might as well become a frakking politician, acting like one so much. (Reported in LA Times with Mike Schur's affirmation)

Update: Adam Scott IS leaving Party Down. Full report here. He WILL return for three eps if it's renewed for a third season. I guess we're just going to have to DEAL WITH IT (said in a Phil Myman voice)!

Update #2: Natalie Morales of The Middleman will be showing up next season as well!!!!!

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