Thursday, September 16, 2010

Legends: The Enchanted, Review

When Legends: The Enchanted #0 preview issue arrived in comic stores, I thought I'd check it out. I was glad I did because what I read was promising and in itself, without a complete story, amazing. I eagerly awaited the entire graphic novel, which did not have a set release date at the time the preview came out. I checked comixology each week to find out, and when I did find out, I had to ask Kendall Swafford, owner of Up Up and Way. He confirmed its release date, and I. Could. Not. Wait. For the book to arrive in the store.

The book revolves around fairytale characters: good vs. evil. The good--such as Pinocchio, Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, and Goldilocks--face evil such as wolves, giants, and a force unknown to them, controlling events and stealing the magic from the good characters, literally taking away their immortality. As the book progresses, each character finds their immortality disappearing. Their wounds are not healing, and their strength is fading. They are not prepared for what faces them, and now they must band together, something that doesn't happen much, to figure out what the source of their problems are and the mysterious and brutal deaths of their friends and fellow evil killers. The end is left open for a sequel, when the surviving characters of good have not even faced or realized who the actual enemy is.

The book may not have worked if not for the brilliant art by the author himself Nick Percival. Characters look like cyborgs, partially flesh, partially technology, and partially forest, giving an obvious steampunk look to the book. The soft edges and grotesque, horror-inducing images create a nightmarish comic that far surpasses the ongoing Fables. The art tells the story right along with the dialogue in a way that can stand alone with its own story, which is expected of a writer who does their own art. It's a much darker, grimmer, look at the fairytale world. When you read this, you'll not want to wait for the next installment.

Currently, Legends: The Enchanted is in pre-production for a film.

Legends: The Enchanted was published by Radical, and is available at their website, amazon, or your LCS.

4.5/5 stars

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