Thursday, September 16, 2010


Tonight the premiere of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia airs. Don't miss an episode. It's now the most hilarious show in existence (because Better Off Ted is now off-air). So if you're not watching already, watch now.

Starting next week look forward to the start of the rest of our favorite shows: The Office, Parks and Rec, Cougar Town, Modern Family, and Big Bang Theory.

Upcoming DVD releases:
Community S1: Sept. 21
Modern Family: Sept. 21
30 Rock: Sept. 21
Legend of the Seeker S2: Sept. 28
Party Down S2: Sept. 28
Dollhouse S2: Oct. 12
Parks and Recreations S2: Nov. 30

Parenthood S1, Sanctuary S2, Glee Complete S1, Big Bang Theory S3, Cougar Town S1, The Office S6, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S5 are already released.

Better Off Ted S2's release is yet to be announced. I'll update you when it is.

Did anyone catch the premiere of Parenthood? Wasn't it great? Finally we get some Joel time.

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