Monday, September 27, 2010


Okay. I've mentioned in the past that the Pushing Daisies comic was coming. Well, it keeps getting delayed. Finally it looks like the comic will actually be coming out early next year, as reported by Comic Book Resources's Robot 6. Issue one is complete, issue two is being colored, and issue 3 is being written. Fuller even stated that they're hoping for an accompanying soundtrack to stream or download in conjunction with an issue's release. The cast has agreed to sing the music, which is already in progress, some of which has been completed. Lee Pace has already sang a song for it. The problem is that rights are expensive, so it may not actually happen. But the thought is thrilling, and I'm hopeful it will happen. After all this time, we've been waiting and the increasing popularity of the show. Cult followings always gain more fans after the project's death.

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