Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Legend of the Seeker CANCELED!

Damn, people. Legend of the Seeker, perhaps my favorite show aside from Better Off Ted and Parks and Recreation, has been canceled. If Better Off Ted is canceled, I might as well stop watching TV. I do look forward to Bridget Regan being more open for other projects, and I'll be sure to follow her career, as well as Tabrett Bethell. No longer do I get to see Bridget Regan be badass in a corset.

But we have another fantasy show to look forward to this summer, right? I'm TRYING to look on the bright side, folks.


  1. What?!? That's terrible - I thought for sure it would go FOREVER. Since, you know, there were 11 books and all... ugh.

  2. Exactly. So much source material to jump off of that it could go as long as there are books, at least.