Thursday, April 22, 2010

Party Down Season 2!

Season 2 starts tomorrow, you guys!

I've seen the first two episodes, and I can tell you that the dynamic is still the same without Jane Lynch. With Megan Mullally stepping in, it's hard to notice. She fills in the bright spot that Lynch played. The core cast has moved on in the show, but they return to their old selves. Unfortunately that means, they're still failures in terms of their goals in life. But if they succeed, that means they wouldn't be regulars, right?

Expect reprisals from Jane Lynch for her "new age wedding" as Mullally stated it and Kristen Bell in episode 7. She is Henry's lady friend, so we're bound to run into her, right? Steve Guttenberg will be guest starring in a role as a guy who puts on an orgy party. No one shows up but the caterers. Hilarity will ensure; I promise. This season will be epic. Pick up season 1 while you can; it's only 15 dollars almost everywhere you go! Good deal for a cable network show!

On a side note about Megan Mullally, she's developing a musical as a spin-off starring Karen Walker? Could be awesome, could be epic fail. We'll have to see, I suppose. And there was going to be a Karen spin-off TV show, co-starring Martin Short and Alec Baldwin....that would've been CLASSIC!

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