Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bobby's Top 15 X-Men: 15-11

15. Ernst
Cassandra Nova?
So, we're pretty sure Grant Morrison set up Ernst to be Cassandra Nova with a gray Raggedy-Anne wig, and the X-Men were too stupid to know, just like Clark Kent's co-workers having no idea he's Superman. Why? Cassandra disappeared the same time Ernst appeared. They have similar physical features, and in Here Comes Tomorrow, an alternate future arc, Ersnt was referred to as "Cassandra Ernst" by Martha.

Like Superman, Ernst does have superhuman strength, despite her appearance of twig-like child-like limbs and wrinkly face, with traits like those with progenia. But since Morrison's run has ended, Ernst has been retconned of the Nova persona and has been given her own personality. But the constant in her character's history has been her BFF Martha Johansson, you know, the floating brain with syringes all up in her grill that Ernst leads around on a chain leash. I absolutely love the dichotomy of her powers, but it's also mysterious. With Cassandra Nova's own telepathy, telekinesis, and phasing powers and Martha's superstrength, what other powers are within Ernst's grasp? It's likely that her superstrength comes from the TK, but maybe we'll never know.

Favorite Costume(s): Any ugly sweater and adorable pigtails.

14. Anole
Victor Borkowski
Poor little Victor. It's not easy being green...or gay...just as Kermit. Even being an adolescent on top of being a homosexual is tough. He's taken to look at Northstar as a role model, but Northstar had many times let him down, especially when he kiced the crap out of Anole when under the influence of the Children of the Vault. Anole had come out to his friends, who had already known he was gay, except for his friend Rockslide, who is now his best friend and even going out on the town as vigilantes. The two together are uber-hilarious. Victor is clearly the smarter of the two and has a dryer humor, which of course I love. What's cool is that unlike many other characters' origins, Victor's friends and family didn't care about who he was, until they started worrying about his safety when anti-mutant propaganda spread wildly into his neck of the woods.

Anole ins't just another Toad; he has reptilian traits, with an prehensile tongue, camouflaging exterior, healing factor, limb regeneration, sharp spikes and claws, and enhanced speed, reflexes, agility, and stamina. At one point, his arm was severed, and it regrew but in a bigger, bulkier, more reptilian form. Anole is a well-mannered, well-meaning boy, but sometimes gives into his emotions. But perfect characters aren't good characters, are they now?

Favorite costume(s): New X-Men, Academy X

13. Beast
Dr. Henry "Hank" P. McCoy

Beast rocks so hard. I learned to love language from him. His alliterative tongue is wise beyond his years, and his dedication to education and reason has made him an ask-questions-first, fight-later kinda dude. Not to mention, he's a big cat. I don't like small cats...the domestic kind. They're annoying, But big cats rule. Look at the tiger! It's awesome! Literally awesome! Every time I see one, I drool with astonishment. I'd imagine if I saw Beast in real life, I might think he looked like the Abominable Snowman who just arose out of a frozen lake and freak the hell out, but then I might be okay with it and think just like I do about tigers but maybe even more expressive. Beast should be in more comics, solely so he can teach youngins to speak well. Beast has stood up to Cyclops and actually did something about it, rather than gripe and walk away but still serve the X-Men. What Hank did in leaving and joining the Avengers after his turn in space with SWORD was the right thing to do.

Favorite Costume(s): Human-skinned red-and-blue, Shi'Ar space suit from UM 342-50.

12. Wicked
Oh, Wicked, how I wish there were more of you. I even bought all of GeNeXt because of her, and she was only in a couple pages without dialogue, just being super mysterious and creepy and powerful and scary. I love that it took her a while to get used to the ghosts that she could see, and often it was scarring (with her parents being two of the ghosts). Eventually she learned to control her powers, but the pain and sorrow never really left her. It was probably comforting, in a way, after a while. Once she lost her powers, I'm sure she felt alone, which is why she had no problem inhaling the Terrigen Mists to bring her powers back. I could deal with a less revealing suit though. It's a little too hookerish, rather than emo superhero.

Favorite Costume: GeNeXt

11. Nightcrawler
Kurt Wagner
Nightcrawler is a passionate, kind-hearted, selfless, positive, honorable, friendly, fun-loving all-around good person and fun to be around. How can anyone not love him? He knew what he was fighting for since he joined up with the X-Men, and he knew he could very well die for Hope upon her return, and he did. He did not regret it in his dying breath. Throughout his character's history, Kurt has shifted focus in his personality. He's gone from Wolvie's drinking and ladies' man buddy to a devout, holy, and boring man and back to being fun again. But at the core, Kurt's always been a voice of reason and peace, the warm embrace of a friend, and the beautiful infectious grin that could bring anyone to at least consider his point of view. RIP "Fuzzy Blue Elf." You can't BAMF your way out of our hearts.

Favorite costume(s): Revolution, recent pre-death

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