Thursday, June 3, 2010

"I'm a Survivor" Farewell, Rue McClanahan

Adorable and sweet Estelle Getty passed, the second youngest actress of the Golden Girls. Then went the beloved theatrical Bea Arthur and, with her, the window drapes that she wore upon her signature shoulder pads. Then came more rue to my existence when the youngest of the gals had fallen victim to a massive stroke: Rue McClanahan made old sexy, oozing sexuality every second on screen. She was kind and honest in real life, a combination you don't find much in people. And she was strong, surviving many illnesses, including Breast Cancer. And it showed in her acting; she began taking motherly, strong roles that females could look up to. She was smart. She was beautiful. And she was talented.

Now we're left with the brutally hilarious and dirty Betty White. I've always loved her since I watched Golden Girls growing up in the late 80s and early 90s. And I'm 24. Somehow I remember watching it along with Empty Nest, and I would have only been 6 when its last new episode ran. That's how much of an impact it had on me. Even then I thought it was hilarious, being ignorant of what most jokes were alluding to. But I understood Rose's clean humor, derived from her own ignorance and ditziness. No one but Betty White could've pulled it off. I don't understand how she's become popular all of the sudden, just like Jane Lynch. They've ALWAYS been hilarious. They probably came out of the womb making people laugh. That would be a comedic pairing I'd love to see. I've come to conclude that Betty White is a deity of some sort. If she is not, she MUST discover immortality to keep entertaining. How is it that she's still the single funniest lady to currently exist? I just hope the world realizes the talent the world will surely lack once she is gone. But to me, they'll never be gone. That's the wonderful thing about the entertainment industry!