Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bobby's Top 15 X-Men: 5-1

5. Madrox/Multiple Man (Jamie Madrox)
Jamie Madrox is a conundrum. His powers and his personality are completely random and crazy-complicated...and crazy. And apparently he's not even a real mutant, but somehow he tested positive for the mutant gene when he entered the mutant concentration camp in the future. Madrox's humor, ability to constantly fail despite his best intentions, constant narration, and dedication to the belief that his life is like a noir film have make him a lovable damaged goof. I wasn't too familiar with him until my venture into the miniseries Madrox, and since then he quickly became a favorite of mine. Not to mention, he's had the best moments as a character the past five years in the X-Men books: his baby with Siryn who turned out to be a dupe (as he was a part of him) was perhaps the most memorable.

Favorite costume: Current and previous X-Factor

4. Iceman (Robert "Bobby" Drake)
Okay, so clearly I'm an Iceman fan due to my pen name, but why? What makes his character so compelling for me? Bobby makes jokes to crack tension, to cover his own pain, to simply make serious situation lighter, to show his light-hearted personality, among other reasons. But I feel a personal connection to this. His ability to befriend anyone and be the social butterfly is a trait to be admired and one that I try to live up to as naturally as I can. His friendships are something special, as shown with Rogue, Storm, Beast, Angel, and Cannonball. He's formed lasting friendships that no matter what sex can still be considered true friends. Bobby knows no boundaries when it comes to gender role. Bobby is not filled with hate, but fear. Fear of himself, his own power, safety of his family and friends. He is a real person. Bobby's occasional feats of magnificent power are also impressive, and the lack of these feats only amkes him greater. If he exerted them more often, he'd become droll and cumbersome like the uber-powerful Storm had under Claremont's later years in X-Treme X-Men and Uncanny X-Men.

Favorite Costume(s): early 90s (as shown)

3. Cannonball (Samuel "Sam" Guthrie)

Sam is the oldest of his siblings, a family of many mutants. His time in New Mutants had given him a chance to upgrade to X-Men status in the 90's, but he never could quite live up to their expectations either, mostly by his own standards. He is quite capable of being a leader or a core X-Man, but his self doubts prevent his progression. Often he reacts on a whim without thought, and this can prevent problems, but he always finds a way to deal with it. Sam is a resourceful individual, and he deeply cares for his friends and family. He comes form a hard-working family and continues to exemplify such standards in his own actions with the X-Men. He's a well-mannered, kind, generous Southern lad, and I refuse to acknowledge his racist comment in a bar written by the second-worst writer of X-Men history Matt Fraction (Chuck Austen being the very worst). I wouldn't mind seeing he and Iceman experiment with each other. I'm giving in to the deep desires for many of the X-Men's homosexual fanbase. I fully support their desire to see this. I think it can be tastefully done and written to make sense.

Favorite costume(s): Age of X, 90s X-Men

2. Psylocke (Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock)

Despite Psylocke's convoluted and complex past, she's the most badass woman in the X-Men. She was cool before her Japanese transformation, but she became extra-cool post-transformation. She'd be even cooler without the thongkini. She's a classy lady and a fashionista. Why the hell does she wear this? Is can't be comfy to fight in. Or walk in. Or do anything in. Drink water. Eat. Move a hand. I love that she is unafraid of a fight and goes into it, often overestimating her own abilities. Her hubris has often led to her downfall, but her hubris is questionably hubris due to saving others in the process. Take her fight with Sabretooth or Vargas for example. She's been defeated, but she's quite formidable no matter what.

Favorite Costume(s): Outback Armor, Revolution

and finally....

1. Husk (Paige Guthrie)

Determined to be the future leader of the X-Men, Paige Guthrie followed her brother Sam's footsteps into the JV X-Men squads, he as a New Mutant and she as a member of Generation X. Paige spent her time studying, training, and being a prude, despite her disgusting and highly revealing power of shedding her skin. The more she learned about chemistry and different elements, the more she could learn about her powers and change into. Husk began to show interest in changing the world, and her efforts extended into environmentalism. After having a typical teen love life, playing cat and mouse with Chamber and then being in a relationship with the school good kid, Husk started a relationship with one of the original five X-Men: Angel. This was seriously screwed up, but it was due to Chuck Austen's lack of good taste and inability to find a character's voice. But Husk has returned in the pages of X-Men as part of the mutant population of Utopia. She has since appeared under Mike Carey's pen in X-Men Legacy in a return to her Gen X characterization: smart, rational, and straight forward. She has also starred in her own ministory in the pages of X-Men vs. Vampires in an effort to track down her BFF Jubilee while killing all the vampires she can in the process. The final panel in the story was truly awesome. See the pic below. 

Favorite costume: Original Gen X, current

Clearly I have an affinity for the strong female character, and they don't necessarily have to be for brawn. Their badassery can be derived from their brains.

I also want to mention those who were close but not quite in my top list: Moonstar, Storm, Rockslide, Kitty, Rogue, Jubilee, Blindfold, Hub, Freakshow, Hack, Prodigy, Strong Guy, Banshee, Siryn, Shatterstar, Rictor, and Karma.

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