Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Voice: Week 9

Semifinals are here!

As predicted, Vicci, Nakia, Casey, and Javier have been saved.

Frenchie's "Just Like a Prayer" was odd. It was like disco, soul, and church music combined. What the hell was that? I still won't deny Frenchie's got an amazing voice with supporting control, but it's not anything unique, especially to what Nicci or Dia can do with a song.

Still not a Nakia fan...his performance did make me like him slightly more. But I don't find him to have a great voice, just a great entertaining presence.

Dia Frampton's "Losing My Religion" was amazing. She can sure make a song her own. And I love her. I will say this again: Dia will win this competition.

"I Will Always Love You," which I believe I mentioned last week, should be simple. The song should speak for itself. And Casey Weston allowed that to happen. I did feel, though, that she couldn't quite get Whitney's version out of her performance. The style was wishy-washy, but it was still very Casey Weston-y.

Beverly McClellan was stunning with her version of "The Thrill is Gone." It was beautiful. She will give Dia a run for her money. Her personality is rockin', and people love her.

Javier Colon was much better than he typically is. He didn't overdo the melody of "Fix You." But I still don't think he's strong material for being different.

Poor cute and sweet Xenia...I want her to continue so badly, but I know she won't. In singing "The Man That Can't Be Moved," Xenia displayed her unique vocals, but she wasn't strong in the performance. She's so stoic. After the judge's comments, she stood straight-faced looking at the camera, like she was having her mugshot taken.

Nicci Martinez is the only other one to chaise Dia's tail. "The Dogs Days Over" is one of my favorite songs. And Martinez rocked out. I was a little worried at first, but she pulled through, especially at the end.

The finalist predictions...
Team Blake: Dia Frampton
Team Christina: Beverly McClellan
Team Cee Lo: Nicci Martinez
Team Adam: Javier Colon

And so it was as I predicted.

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