Sunday, March 11, 2012

Site of the Week 3/11/12-3/17/12: Bear McCreary's Blog

If you're the BEST kind of nerd, you LOVE Battlestar Galactica (BSG).  That's right, I'm going to say it.  And if you're the best kind of nerd, you LOVE the score to BSG from the genius mind of Bear McCreary.

In his blog, McCreary takes us through a step-by-step process of his decisions for the music he wrote, from thematic tone to character and plot motifs.  It's not just his work on BSG he covers, but also The Walking Dead (which I might add has been pissing me off), Eureka, and Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles.  Music majors, professional musicians, anyone who adores BSG, or anyone who enjoys critical literary analysis transferred to other mediums (I do include all media as forms of literature) should absolutely be enthralled by his thorough blog.  Check it out, now!  You'll spend hours on it!

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