Saturday, July 14, 2012

Elizabeth Cook Soars

A regular guest on David Letterman's late night show, Elizabeth Cook entertains.  She knows there's humor in her honesty and in her background.  But many mistake her lighthearted sense of self and southern accent together as her being an dumb blonde airhead.  And as she wrote in her song, "Dolly, did you go through this?"

Cook pointed her twitter followers to a video of one of her Letterman appearances and only said, "My intelligence is being debated."  She even finds that humorous.  She may come across as an airhead to those unfamiliar with her presence on stage and on radio.  She's hilarious, down-to-earth, and celebrates life.  Follow her on twitter for hilarious tweets about her family, her touring, her home life, posting of classic album covers ideas (one of which was Liz Anderson in a wedding gown and a pistol strapped to her thigh), and her drinking habits.

I hope she models her next album cover after Anderson's...

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