Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cincy ComiCon: A Comic Nerd's Dream Con

The Greater Cincinnati area is getting ANOTHER comic con, you guys!  That's how great Cincinnati is!  But the reality is: the new Cincy ComiCon will be vastly different.  I want you to think about your favorite aspect of a comic convention really is.  Do you want the maze of insanity that is (now) Comic Con International (CCI) or New York Comic Con (NYCC)?  

I don't like tremendous crowds myself.  With the Cincy ComiCon, you'll be getting pretty much a candlelight dinner with your favorite creators, one-on-one interaction in a more intimate atmosphere, less about commercialism and more about creativity and fan interaction.  Use the candlelight dinner metaphor loosely, though, because I'm pretty sure a whole lot of them have significant others, including Jason Aaron's facial hair.  I mean, who wouldn't snag up Katie Cook in a heartbeat.  She'd draw you her own valentine every year. (AND IT WOULD BE ADORABLE!)  Who wouldn't want Rick Remender narrating your life through scripts. (He would make it much more complex than it really is.)  The Board of Directors for the Cincy ComiCon includes local Tony Moore, co-creator of The Walking Dead and current penciler of Deadpool, and Kendall Swafford, local comic shop extraordinaire and three-time Eisner nominee (no big deal).  

So I'm pleading your assistance in these final six days of the Cincy ComiCon's kickstarter campaign.  We need less than $2,000 to get the funding.  Go here for the kickstarter, and check out the great rewards!  Check out Cincinnati ComiCon's website here and their twitter here for the most up-to-date announcements.  The ComiCon will be held next September 6-8, 2013 at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center (yes, that is the Greater Cincinnati Area).  Expect to see me there every day in my Cannonball costume I'm already planning!

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