Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Flash: Iris (A fantastic fan film)

Recently there have been a few crackdowns on fan-made films, especially those that have been raising money to make them.  The Wonder Woman fan film by photographer Adam Jay almost succeeded but was shut down by DC/WB.  There's been plenty of trailers, like the newest Wonder Woman incarnation, played by Nina Bergman and directed by Jesse V. Johnson.  But what does it take to make a great fan film, like the brilliant Lazy Teenage Superheroes or the Y: The Last Man fan short? It takes a talented cast of creators from New Orleans, including up-and-coming lead actor (who also served as co-writer) Patrick Flanagan, hair and makeup artist Natalie Shea Rose, and commercial/minor character actor Ada Michelle Loridans.  
Loridans and Flanagan as Iris and Barry/Flash

From Secondline Studios, The Flash short film "Iris" takes on the character's dilemma of being a superhero while trying to maintain a love life.  Flanagan takes into account The Flash's quirks and incorporates them into the short time frame given.  The characters' vulnerabilities are placed in frame by the high angle close-ups.  But when Iris reveals to Barry that she knows, the camera turns to an over-the-shoulder shot, as if we were spying on a tender moment, though triumphant.  Sam Sullivan co-wrote and directed the short.

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