Thursday, May 22, 2014

Our Doors Are Doors Closing

In case you haven't noticed, Nerdy Pop has been absent recently.  Both bloggers have taken different routes in their creative careers, and have largely ignored Nerdy Pop, much to our disappointment.  We are sorry to announce that this is the end of Nerdy Pop.  Should we be re-inspired, the doors may re-open.  We will leave the blog up, however.  Who knows: maybe you'll want to read a post from 2008 and see how we've grown...and then faded into nothingness.  If you like our writing, however, you can follow us elsewhere:

Auddie P may show up at Hello Giggles here and there, and you can follow her twitter feed.

You can find S.E. Andres as a feature writer for Brilliant Bias and highlight the women of A Song of Ice and Fire series at Anything You Can Do, its accompanying tumblr, and his rare appearances on twitter.

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