Monday, December 21, 2009

Bobby's Top Ten TV Shows of 2009

10. Merlin
After an average, formulaic, solid first season, Merlin's second series (season here in the States) has taken a step up and becomes even more dangerous for all characters. The characters are getting more depth, and Merlin and Arthur are both LESS whiny. YAY!

9. Modern Family
This show seems to be everyone's favorite new comedy...understandably. The dry, natural humor of a dysfunctional family makes for perfect relation to the audience. There's no way to not love every character in their own quirky, idiotic ways. The kids Manny and Alex, including the lovable child-like Phil, steal every scene. How can you not love a show that does that?

8. Big Bang Theory
Big Bang Theory continues to shine as it showcases its goofy nerds. And it turns out that people love nerds! Thanks for accepting us nerds into your TVs, America. I love the developing relationship between Sheldon and Penny. It's ridiculous and brilliant at the same time. "Nice kitty, soft kitty, little ball of fur."

7. Dollhouse
It's too bad that Dollhouse was not renewed because it continually got better. Why, Fox, why? At least it was given a second chance. Dollhouse is now addicting and maybe my favorite show at the moment. It's crazy, unstable, twisty, and very Whedonesque.

6. Legend of the Seeker
Legend of the Seeker is Bad. Ass. You all know my love for Kahlan/Bridget Regan. But the second season shows her badassery off even more. And the lines between good and bad get blurred, as Richard inherits the throne of the Midlands from his villainous brother Darken Rahl, but Richard increasingly shows his dark side. We actually see the dark side of all the characters, except for maybe Kahlan who is the most rational, fair person, which is good since she is the Mother Confessor, judge of the Midlands. And there's the addition of the wonderful, and beautiful, Tabrett Bethell as former Mord S'ith Cara.

5. Battlestar Galactica
What a way to end the show. It was a bit direct on the final scene, but I wouldn't expect anything less from a show that so blatantly criticized religion, government, technology, society, among other things. The latter half of the last season was bone-chilling and intense. Blood on the Scales...HOLY CRAP!!! Roslin's speech to the mutinous Zarek was one of the best, if not the best, speech from the entire series. I'm not one to talk to the television or cheer or any of that, but I stood up and cheered Roslin. And then I orgasmed a bit. The finale was a nice, satisfying goodbye to the characters we so loved and enjoyed, and still the goodbyes are mysterious.

4. Glee
Glee is the breakout hit of the year, and it really induced our salivary glands when the pilot aired, making us want more immediately, but that more didn't arrive a long time. And the arrangements and cast made me love pop songs that I thought I'd never even tolerate. I hate Rihanna's music, but I loved Rachel's/Lea Michele's version of "Take a Bow." And I can't wait for Matthew Morrison's forthcoming album.

3. Party Down
I absolutely love this show; of course I would, because it's from the same creator as Veronica Mars, and the cast is even shared. And the guest stars are off the wall ridiculous, just as ridiculous as the employees of the catering business. And next season we have Megan Mullally joining the cast in place of Jane Lynch, who will briefly reprise her role to wrap it up. So much stupidity in one show and only two rational, sane characters.

2. Parks and Recreation
As I've stated before, this show has increased in quality, surpassing The Office, I think. I don't think I need to repeat myself, so I'll stop.

1. Better Off Ted
By far the best and most unwatched show of the year. It didn't help that it was a summer show going against stupid reality shows. The hilarious Veridion Dynamics commercials embedded in the show are definitely the highlights. I'm a fan of adorable characters, and this show has a lot of them.


  1. Not having Accidentily on Purpose and The Mentalist on this list sort of makes it irrelevant for me; that being said, I haven't seen over half of the shows on your list. This season of Big Bang had been disappointing up until the last 2 episodes and Glee is FAR and away the best new show this season. Cannot get enough of the scene change interludes. That being said, Chuck is returning to TV in January and if you haven't aquainted yourself with Mr. Bartowski and all his happy friends then you need to find a seat on the NBC channel Monday's this January. If you have, then you know what I'm jiving on. Now I just need to get into some of these shows of yours and see if they're as good as you're promoting.

    Seriously though, watch the aforementioned shows. You'll fall in love with your tv.

  2. Accidentally on Purpose almost made it on the list. I absolutely love it! I think the only reason why Modern Family made it above that for me was because it made such an impact. I have not watched The Mentalist, and I need to. I suppose Chuck did make quite an impact this year with the the way it was saved by the fans and Subway, revolutionary way of commercialism and patronage. So for that, those two shows should get at least honorable mention.

    Merlin's second season hasn't aired in the U.S. yet...only the first season, unfortunately.

  3. I think Sally can support me out on at least the top 4 shows on my list. I wonder if she'll do one too.