Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cheaters Never Prosper

*blogger's note: this post is not about Tiger Woods*

We love Glee here at Nerdy Pop and Wednesday's fall finale did not disappoint. There were great performances both musical and acting wise, but that's not what this post is about.

For months while watching the show I've been rooting for Will and Emma while hoping that when they finally did get together it would be without encouraging infidelity. Call me a prude, but I tend to get annoyed when television shows or movies have two characters come together romantically when one or both are in a serious relationship; no matter how compatible. Maybe it happens often outside of TV Land, but I want my shows to represent to me the ideal.

So, let's take a look at how Glee has handled some story lines that thankfully took the high road.

• Will and Emma
This is the obvious one. From the first episode it's been clear that these two belong with each other, but a marriage and engagement stood in their way. Kudos to Glee writers for bringing these two together after taking care of the dysfunctional, yet exclusive relationships they were both in.

• Quinn and Puck
It ain't neat to cheat kids and thank goodness Glee sends this message so well. Here's what happens when you take up with your b/f's bff and become his baby mama: you lose your boyfriend, your parents, your popularity and you get slushie in the face.

• Finn and Rachel
It's still unclear after the fall finale what will happen with these two. For me, that's a good thing. Viewers need something to root for now that Will and Emma are together, so come April I'll be right there waving my Rachel + Finn flag high when the show's spring premiere airs.

I don't know about you nerds, but this Gleek can't wait too see what this show has in store for the spring. And that's how Sally C's it.


  1. My wife and I had this show on DVR for the first 7 weeks and never watched it. We almost deleted it until we caught the opening scene from the episode about ballads and were hooked instantly. Classic. I am as excited for the rekindling of this show as I was when they announced Scrubs back on ABC, and again when they announced its re-coming back in a new form with a built-onto cast. Go Glee!

  2. DOUG! You're alive! Of course you know this, but YOU'RE ALIVE! I promise to write much better posts in the future! Haha

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