Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Beginnings

Happy Endings has been airing two episodes at a time after the waning-in-laughs Cougar Town.  So why should you be watching through Cougar Town or tuning in so late to watch a comedy sure to fail due to its placement so late in the new episode season?  Simple.  It's brilliantly hilarious.  Your world will be bettered because of this show.  Okay, it's a comedy about six friends in a metropolitan area--three men and three ladies--how's it any different than any other comedies, especially those like Friends or Seinfeld?

Happy Endings has more relevance to today's life.  It's about six diverse people trying to make it in the dating world and the economic world.  Episodes hit themes of people being tolerant but not understanding, hipsters being lame, exploring different types of relationships, and the troubles of small business owners.

We've established relationships in the first episode.  Penny is like Max's stereotypical gay BFF, except she's a girl and he's the gay guy.  Jane and Brad are an interracial married couple.  Lastly, we open the episode with Dave and Alex's wedding, but Alex runs before they make it official.  Their relationship becomes complicated, but it works, as it's not set up to have the sexual tension.  If they did, though, it would be fine because we know they've already had that chemistry and it might be expected.

What's also wonderful is its ability to sift through the friend combinations.  Most of the time they come in duos, sometimes trios, but they relationships are natural, unforced, and play off each others' quirks.  The friends also don't screw each other in these combinations; they retain their strict friendships.

SNL alum Casey Wilson steals every scene she's in, especially in the "Jazz-Kwon-Do" and "Dave of the Dead" episodes.  Catch up on hulu.

Happy Endings has been renewed for a full season with a premiere September 28, airing at 9:30/8:30 Central on Wednesdays.

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