Friday, November 4, 2011

Site of the Week 10/31/11-11/6/11

I always take an interest in the American Civil War, and there's so much information out there I want my hands on.  The best sources, for me, are letters, providing great insight on every person's way of life during the time period.  You read these, and the war effects every single person so differently, yet all the same.  No one person enjoys it, perhaps at first, but once the reality sets in, it's a terror.

Reading these letters makes it personal for me.  The ones form soldiers are heartbreaking, and the diaries and letters from women to other women or to soldiers are uplifting, many taking on the work that men had been doing, something not seen for over a hundred years in the U.S.  You can find a plethora of beautiful letters and diaries at CivilianWarTime.  Follow them on Twitter as well to receive daily updates.

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