Friday, December 16, 2011

Dating Tips from Esther Smith

It's Christmastime(!) and during this season I celebrate in many ways: listening to Christmas music, baking and decorating cookies and watching my favorite holiday movies.

You can learn a lot from these movies. The Grinch teaches you the true meaning of the season. Elf shows you that magic things can happen if you just believe. And Home Alone teaches us how to outsmart stupid burglars. And to remember to not forget your kid when you leave for your family vacation. All are valuable lessons.

In the classic Meet Me in St. Louis we not only learn the importance of family, but also how to get your man. 

In the film Judy Garland's character, Esther Smith, is a young woman living in St. Louis who has her eye on the boy who just moved in next door, John. If you're a single gal like me, you know how much work can go into wooing a man. So, even though the film takes place more than 100 years ago, I think many of Esther's strategies would still work today. Take note of the tips below and try them out for yourself!

Tip #1: Be Formally Introduced
This seems like a no brainer, but a lot of times you can fancy someone from afar and not make a move simply because as far as you know, he doesn’t know you exist. Esther solves this problem brilliantly by hosting a party at the Smith home with the sole purpose of formerly meeting John. When she and John are introduced Esther acts as if she didn’t catch the name and has never heard of him and John is intrigued. Very smooth.

Tip #2: Get Him Alone
Not as creepy as it sounds, tip #2 may be the most helpful. At the end of the party held for John (but without John knowing that), he is looking for the hat he wore when he arrived. It’s not with the other hats where he left it, so Rose (Esther’s older and helpful sister, or wingwoman, if you will) goes off searching for it. During the search John and Esther are given some valuable time alone while the other guests are leaving. We soon learn that Esther and Rose hid John’s hat to keep him at the party longer. Again, so smooth.
This tip is brilliant and could absolutely be used today. So, remember when hosting your man-catching party to take his coat or scarf or hat, if he actually wears one in 2011, and hide it. Take it from Esther, this will give you and your guy the perfect opportunity to spend some alone time.

Tip #3: Help Him Help You
There are probably many ways to achieve tip #3 in today’s times, but back in Esther’s day I think her method was probably the best. When John is just about to be the last guest to leave the Smith house Esther asks if he’d help her turn out the lights, claiming to be afraid of mice. It is convenient that the Smith house is a large Victorian home full of oil lamps that have to be put out slowly. So, as John follows Esther around making the house dimmer and dimmer and the two get closer and closer as they put out the lights, a romantic mood ensues. The pair take several chances to stand very close to each other causing John to take in Esther’s scent and make the comment “Wow, that’s nice perfume.” But when Esther tells him it’s Essence of Lavender, he reveals that it’s exactly the kind his grandmother wears… Not so smooth, John.

Despite smelling like his grandmother, John is taken with Esther and her tricks of wooing a man work. By the end of the film the two are engaged and all is well in St. Louis. So, this holiday season when trying to capture the attention of the object of your affection, try out some of Esther’s tips. If you’re feeling extra confident, maybe even let him kiss you, and ignore what Rose Smith thinks: “Nice girls don't let men kiss them until after they're engaged. Men don't want the bloom rubbed off.”  Maybe you have too much bloom, and that’s the problem. Good luck!


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