Thursday, December 8, 2011

Feminist Feature: Mindy Kaling's New Project

Mindy Kaling has finally revealed her project: an animated series.  She'll executive produce, write, and voice a character on the series about a high school volleyball team.  Even if it's like a bunch of mini movies of a frakked-up sports teams, it doesn't matter because Mindy Kaling makes everything better.
And, in case you didn't know, Kaling writes The Office's funniest episodes.  Case in point: tonight's "Christmas Wishes."  How awkwardly hilarious was that?

In related news, Alan Young is working with Greg Daniels to create another animated comedy.  (Are animated comedies getting really popular all of the sudden?)  It's about a bunch of guys living together in LA.  Just what we needed, another all-male comedy.  Those are clearly working well.  I don't care that it's made by two brilliant comedy geniuses.

And have you read Kaling's book yet?  Co-blogger Auddie P has.  Maybe she'll tell you a bit about it one of these days.  I haven't gotten around to pick up a copy yet.

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