Monday, April 2, 2012

Pushing Daisies comic on hold...still

Page 1 colored, unlettered
I failed to mention that over a year ago, Bryan Fuller had once again reported on the Pushing Daisies comic.  He had mentioned that it would likely be a season 3 graphic novel with a multimedia experience, complete with cast songs (as previously reported here), but plans were stalled when the publisher Wildstorm was closed by its parent company DC Comics.  Fuller then expressed interest in attempting to get  third season by a cable company, specifically Starz.  I don't know if it may be soon.  It may depend on his involvement with The Addams Family remake if it gets picked up.  While expressing his hopes that we will get a wrap for the third season, Fuller posted the first two pages in black and white and another of the first page unlettered but colored.  Check out post-jump for the two lettered pages!

Click on the photos to embiggen them!

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  1. This limbo sh*t is so darn frustrating. Part of me wishes they would announce that the 3rd season/novel/movie are never going to happen, just so that there could be something of a closure. But this? It's as if they're negotiating Christmas =(