Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Glorious Guest of Season 4, Episode 4 of Community

Community's fourth season shows no signs of veering from its slightly insane, chaotic crass, and darkly witty, certainly mind-blowingly hilarious origins with Happy Endings showrunners coming to play.  Even the stars like Joel McHale will tell you so.  But I'm particularly excited for episode 4, pertaining to a convention in which Abed meets new people of similar fandom of Inspector Spacetime.  Read after the jump to see what two guest stars will be appearing.

Matt Lucas, of Bridesmaids and Little Britain fame, will play a fellow fanboy of Inspector Spacetime who befriends the adorably awkward Abed.  Hopefully his role will be reprised, as well as the other guest star's role.  Get ready....Tricia Helfer!  WHAAAAA?!  Battlestar Galactica's sexy Six will play an Inspector Spacetime fangirl.  What will happen when she meets Abed?  Watch to find out!

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