Friday, December 21, 2012

Chris Hardwick's New Nerdy Deal

Deadline reported that nerdy pop culture entrepreneurial god Chris Hardwick has landed a deal with BBC America in hosting a 10-episode variety talk show named after his internet empire The Nerdist.  Only 10 episodes?  How British of them!  The show will entail "celebrity guests, UK and U.S.-based correspondents, and stand-up and musical performances."  The Nerdist TV program will hit your TVs in Spring 2013 on Saturdays to round out the extremely nerdy lineup of Doctor Who, Being Human, and Orphan Black, hosted by Chris Hardwick as well.  Hardwick will produce under his production company Nerdist Industries. 

I'm hoping for some musical performances by Hardwick and Mike Phirman as part of Hard 'n' Phirm, featuring my favorite JANET VARNEY.  

My bet will also go to inclusion of Neil Patrick Harris in all things that he does.

Perhaps a performance from Childish Gambino (Donald Glover).

Or even the nerdiest of nerdy rappers Adam WarRock.

What/Who do you expect to see?

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