Monday, April 22, 2013

S.O.S. Save Our Shows!

It's that time of year again. The snow has melted, flowers are beginning to bloom and network television shows are coming to an end. For many shows it's not the true end - only the end of a season. We'll see them again in September. Sadly, the fate of other shows is still unknown.

Many of our favorites here at Nerdy Pop are on the brink of extinction. It's happened before and it's bound to happen again. Brilliant, funny and top-notch series get left behind while shows we've never seen continue to be seen by tens of millions of viewers, apparently.

Luckily, the way ratings are tabulated is beginning to evolve along with the way we all watch, taking social media into consideration. But, in the meantime, we'll still lose shows way before their time. Below are my three favorites that need saving this season.

Emily Owens M.D.
If you're one of the few of us who have even heard of this show, you might be thinking "Um, wasn't this already cancelled?" and technically you are correct. I don't think time of death has been called yet, but not being granted a back 9 by the network pretty much means you're done. I, however, love this show so much that I'm not giving up hope!

Emily Owens M.D. reminds me of the early seasons of Grey's Anatomy, except Emily, for me, is much more relatable than Meredith Grey. 

Emily (played by the fabulous Mamie Gummer) is a hospital intern who knows her stuff, but is also able to connect with patients on a personal level in ways her colleagues often aren't. Although she knows what she's doing at work, in her social life Emily's more unsure of herself.

Yes, it sounds like you've seen this show before. But, it's so well done and Emily grows up so much just in the 13 episodes of season one that it's more believable than many other series that's have tried this angle before. You root for Emily at every turn. After introducing this series to a friend she was raving about it FOR DAYS!

If you haven't watched I encourage you to do so. Maybe we can help it make a full recovery!


By now you probably know how much I love this show. It's been back for a few months and is just as good as ever.

I was concerned at first. It took a few episodes for the new show runners to find their own voice without compromising the Community tone fans are used to. If you ask me, I think by now they've got it down.

So far this season we've seen the gang go on a off-campus trips, be turned in to puppets and try to figure out what the Chang is going on with the former Spanish teacher/Security Guard.

I haven't heard whether or not Community will be renewed for a fifth season, or if it's on the rocks yet again, but I'm hoping that the Study Group won't be graduating any time soon.

Happy Endings

I'm sad to admit that one of our favorite shows here at Nerdy Pop might be ending unhappily this season.

After struggling at its unfortunate 9:00 Tuesday time slot (up against New Girl!), ABC moved Happy Endings to days where nary a sitcom can be found. The network burned off episodes on Sunday nights before putting the show on hiatus for at least a month. Finally, when it returned it was moved to Friday nights. The last time I committed myself to a Friday night series Cory and Topanga were still in college, folks. 

Still, I've been happily watching Happy Endings live on Fridays as much as possible hoping it helps to save this hilarious series. The network itself even hit H.E. fans where it hurts with this campaign promoting it's return and new time slot. Here's hoping this series gets at least one more shot.

Will these shows be back for more in September? We'll have to wait in see. In the meantime, nerds, if you want to save it, watch it!

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