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So You Still Haven't Seen Community: A Not-Yet-A-Viewer's Guide

We're just two weeks away from the triumphant return of Community, NBC Thursday's little comedy that could. If you haven't been watching what is, in my opinion, one of the funniest, most creative shows on television, I'm here to help. Below is a quick cheat sheet to prepare you for the season 4 premiere on February 7th. In this guide I'll introduce you to the characters, recurring themes or bits, as well as my favorite moments and episodes. 

If you have been watching, how great is Community? I mean, let's talk about it... or maybe we should just move on to the guide.

Community focuses on the everday life and shenanigans of a small study group at the fictional community college, Greendale. The study group first formed when each member attended the same Spanish class. 

Jeff Winger
- Former lawyer is attending Greendale to earn an actual degree, unlike the degree he lied about that lost him his job
- Unofficial  and sometimes reluctant leader of the study group
- Puts a lot of time and effort into looking like it took no time or effort
- Joined the study group to persue Britta
- Hooked up with Britta, has a will they/won't they relationship with Annie

Britta Perry
- Passive activist, more active feminist
- Often annoys the group with her causes
- Psychology major, but acts as if she already has her degree
- Reluctantly hooked up with Jeff, has sexual tension with Troy
- Pronounces bagels like bah-gels

Annie Edison
- Went to high school with Troy whom she had a crush on in season one
- Over-achiever
- Jewish
- Recovering from a pill addiction she went to rehab for in high school which earned her the nickname Annie Adheral
- As of season 3, roommates with Troy and Abed

Troy Barnes
- Former highs school football star, but sabotaged his chance at a scholarship
- Was raised Jehovah's Witness
- Best friends with Abed and co-hosts Troy and Abed in the Morning
- Roommates with Abed and Annie
- In season one aquired a pet monkey he named Annie's Boobs who later escaped into the school's ventilation system where he now lives
- Considered by some to be the air conditioning repair "chosen one" — made the sacrifice of leaving Greendale for air conditioning school at the end of season 3 in order to save Greendale

Abed Nadir
- Film student
- Passionate about television so much so that people sometimes mistake him as delusional
- Favorite show was Cougar Town until it went on hiatus
- Favorite show now is the fictional Inspector Space Time, which he often acts out in the Dreamatorium
- Catchphrase: "Cool. Cool cool cool."

Shirley Bennett
- Enrolled in Greendale after separating from her cheating husband and to learn how to start her own business
- Remarried said husband in season 3
- Has 2 children
- Is Christian and frequently encourages those in the study group to share her beliefs
- Has a overly-sweet demeanor, but a short fuse
- Catchphrase: "Oh, that's nice"

Pierce Hawthorne
- Has been kicked out of the study group on more than one occasion, only to be let back in
- Rich due to being the heir of the family business, Hawthorne Wipes
- Used to live with Troy for one summer when Troy moved in to his mansion

Ben Chang
- Former Spanish teacher
- Was fired from teaching at the end of season one
- Enrolled at Greendale and tried to become a member of the study group. He was not let in.
- Overtime became head of security at Greendale, which led to his plan to take over the school completely. The plan failed at the end of season 3.
- Uses his name to make bad puns

Dean Pelton
- Dean of Greendale
- Favors the study group over all other Greendale students, especially Jeff
- Enjoys making announcements dressed in theme costumes, often in drag
- Like Chang, also enjoys using his name to make bad puns

Now that you have an idea of the show there's just enough time to sample some of its greatness! If you don't have time to watch all three seasons so far, I've compiled a list of my top 5 below, so watch and enjoy!

Season 1
- PHYSICAL EDUCATIONFor gym credit Jeff signs up for a pool class, but refuses to play when he learns he's required to wear gym shorts. The group helps Abed meet a girl who's drawn what looks to be an sketch of him in her text book.
- MODERN WARFARE: The first "Paintball Episode." With the prize of priority registration on the line, Greendale College students take a paintball competition a little too far. The competition ignites the sexual tension between Jeff and Britta.

Season 2
- MIXOLOGY CERTIFCATION: It's Troy's 21st birthday, so the group takes him out to a bar. Because she's underage, Annie creates a new identity to go along with her fake ID while Jeff and Britta argue over which bar is the "coolest."

Season 3
- REMEDIAL CHAOS THEORY: While at Troy and Abed's housewarming party, Jeff leaves the decision of who will get the pizza up to the roll of the dice. Abed points out that by doing so, Jeff will be creating six different timelines.
- BASIC LUPINE UROLOGY: After speculating that their biology assignment was sabotaged  Annie initiates a trial to redeem her good grades. Troy and Abed help by being good cop, bad cop in this Law and Order spoof.

But not much longer! See you Thursday, Feb. 7!

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