Saturday, January 19, 2013

Clips of Bridget Regan in Frontier

We may never get to see the full pilot of Frontier, a show taking place in the early 1800s as a group heads west to achieve their dreams, only running into various difficulties on the way.  I'm sure that included Natives, disease (dysentery, anyone?), dying animals, and of course interpersonal drama!  But the luckies over at Confessed4Life got their hands on some clips of Bridget Regan with her natural curly red hair gracing the screen.  I'm guessing they have an inside source with the Lady Regan or someone else who got a copy of it.  I wish NBC had stuck with this show.  It could've been great, banking off the success of period pieces for cable and providing a wide variety of programming.  It would've been a great Sunday night show, but with its more adult content, it would be at 9 or 10, not likely to rival Once Upon a Time.  Darn you, NBC and your terrible choices!  We could've had more Regan riding horses and dressing in corsets!

Skip ahead to see the clips.

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