Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January Comic News!

A new Marvel NOW! release, just announced yesterday by USA Today is a relaunch of X-Men by Brian Wood in April.  But the main characters all happen to be arguably the biggest stars of the X-Men: the females Storm, Rogue, Psylocke, Kitty Pryde, Rachel Grey, and Jubilee.  Bling! and Pixie guest star in the first issue.  The premise of the book, for the first year or two revolves around Jubilee bringing home a baby that could save or destroy the world, and the X-Men must protect it.  But don't expect it to be just a rehash of Hope's story!  Wood revealed that Jubilee will be the focus, but everyone will get their shine time!  And if any of you read Wood's X-Men run this year, you know he tells a mean story and writes complex and rich characters.  His Storm is absolutely stellar.  Oliver Coipel pencils the first few issues and rotates with Wood's penciler on the former X-Men run David Lopez.  This is the best thing to happen in comics of everytime, everyone!  Pre-order as soon as possible!  This needs to succeed!

In addition, Sam Humphries' and Ron Garney's relaunch of Uncanny X-Force next week sees Psylocke leading a new X-Force team (not so secretive) with Storm as second-in-command, Alpha Flighter Puck, wildcard Psylockean archnemesis Spiral, and the three Fantomex individuals, not mention another couple characters joining later on.  The X-Men's women, after being mistreated for so long (except by Mike Carey and Marjorie Liu) will finally rise to the top again.  Unfortunately, they're getting some misogynist and sexist backlash, where many are calling for men to the be on the team and that that an all-female team is sexist.  For some reason, they don't understand that there's always been all-male teams.  Whatever.  Go read The Avengers if you want male-dominated books.

Speaking of Avengers, news came this morning that A.K.A. Jessica Jones is still a possibility with hopes of being picked up by a cable network, if not ABC.  However, it seems the other shows that were pitched (Hulk, Punisher, Mockingbird, Cloak and Dagger) have been stalled.  Jessica Jones was created by Brian Michael Bendis and debuted in her solo series Alias, as a private detective with super powers, which she tried not use because she was a terrible superhero.

Similarly, Wonder Woman is taking form as Amazon, a pilot for the CW that gives the origin of the superhero, much like Smallville.

The S.H.I.E.L.D. series seems likely to be greenlit for series without testing the pilot.  Expect its debut in the fall, everyone!  And it's also going to take place after The Avengers movie.

It's a good time to be a comics fan, everybody!  Side note: be sure to check out Kieron Gillen's and Jamie McKelvie's Young Avengers also coming out next week!

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