Monday, November 23, 2009

Feminist Feature: The Missing

Cate Blanchett, Evan Rachel Wood, and Jenna Boyd play a family of strong females in Ron Howard's The Missing. While the movie does play off some stereotypes of Native Americans (which I hate) only for certain characters, I love the feminist nature of it. Cate plays Maggie, the local doctor who’s lost her lover to Native Americans selling white girls as sex slaves in Mexico. Not only that they’ve taken her daughter Lilly for that very reason. Lilly is tired of working on the farm, doing hard labor and going without luxuries that all the city girls have. But her farm training ends up helping her during the kidnapping. She shows her strong nature in supporting the other kidnapped teenage girls and trying to help them escape. Dot displays similar personality features as her mother, and she actively seeks knowledge and can handle herself in a fight. She knows what to do in a sticky situation.

While the feminist aspect is a strong theme in the film, the theme of religion and faith come into play, as two opposing faiths learn to interweave with each other through character interactions and necessities. Healing also takes on the role of Native religion and Christian doctoring. You guys! this movie is intense!

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