Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nerdtastic idea!

When you go home today or before good TV comes on, watch your favorite movie while cooking dinner, finishing up work, exercising, whatever! But there's a catch, watch it with commentary. I'm surprised by how many people don't watch commentary. It seems only my nerdy friends do so. Sometimes the commentary is hilarious depending on the people recording it. Most often it's informative, especially if it's a director and/or a writer. You see aspects of a movie you never noticed. You'll understand how the film-making process occurs form different points of view.

I just finished watching/listening to Little Women's commentary by Aussie director Gillian Armstrong. Incredibly fascinating! I had to watch it rather than just listen, which you can normally get away with and do other things, but she was so specific to each scene and detail that I had to watch. She's very informative of what it was like working with the cast, how they came to even greenlight this movie and why they did certain things rather than stick to the book at certain things. Yes, I love Little Women! This is the feminist feature guy! And it seems at the comment I'm the only blogger...hooray! I'm sorry for those who read it not for my psychotic ramblings but for the sophisticated stylings of Sally or Bogie.

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