Thursday, November 12, 2009

Geek Chic: Hoop Skirts

Ladies, start walking the beaches in search of those whale bones! We’re going to bring back whale bone corsets and combs! I know they’re uncomfortable, but to look good, you have to feel terrible. I’m kidding, of course. But I do have a fascination for hoop skirts on the ladies. I don't care about the femininity of it; I only like the way it moves. It's a bell ringing. I think they could come back in style for formal evening wear. In most places, they would get in the way, but think about going to a ball where the ladies wear hoop skirts and the menfolk wear top hats! BRILLIANT! Colonial-style clothing was in just a few years ago, with ruffles and lacey shirts with floral print patterns. It can happen again. Even corsets came back with Amy Lee wearing them like she was a badass, but in reality, she sucked and did nothing to prove her badassness except sing fairly well, which doesn’t qualify you in a doctorate degree of badassery. Anyway, I think the 1800s style is coming back, especially with the vest-wearing and stylish caps for men and rimmed hats for women.

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