Thursday, July 28, 2011

This Just In: Tammy #1 and Community Professor

Read after the jump to see who Parks and Recreation's Tammy #1 is, since some want to be surprised.  As for our Greendale Community College news from TVLine, Martin Starr will play a political science professor at Greendale Community College.  Expect great and odd things.

Ron Swanson's first wife Tammy #1 (technically Tammy #2 since his mom is Tammy as well) will be played by the ever-enjoyable Patricia Clarkson, as reported exclusively by TVLine.  Don't expect her to be the sort of demon-crazy that Tammy #2 is, though.  She worked closely with the writers and producers to figure out who this woman is, and she is different she'll be from Tammy #2.

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