Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Wolverine: Cecilia Reyes casted

According to the imdb page for The Wolverine--the hopefully-better sequel to the awful X-Men Origins: Wolverine film--Naturi Naughton will play the part of Cecilia Reyes, who has been absent form the comics for a long while, now sidelined as a medic not even good enough for the X-Men's Science club that doctors all mutants on Utopia.  Reyes is a mutant who had reflexive force field; when it was a hit, she felt the pain without the injury.  Since Psylocke telepathically extended her powers in Uncanny X-Men, Cecilia is now able to expand her force field to an unspecified distance.  She despised being a mutant and refused to accept it.  It made for a great conflict in having a part in defeating Bastion the first time around.  She also brought some well-needed diversity in personality, power, and race.

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