Wednesday, August 3, 2011

T. Bone Burnett and Danny Elfman are musical directors of the upcoming Hunger Games film.  The first film of the trilogy would need a haunting folk music sound, as fitting for District 12 and a dystopian novel where we're set back to the 1800s in most districts.  So what are my picks according to the choice in musical directors and the film setting?  Find out after the jump!

"Dark as a Dungeon" by Vince Gill & The Chieftains from Down the Old Plank Road, Johnny Cash from At Folsom Prison, or Merle Travis from Folk Songs of the Hills
This Appalachian song written by Merle Travis epitomizes the tone of District 12, as they are corely coal miners, and its strong sense of danger and lament for the job and its fallen workers would be a wonderful introduction song as they sweep across District 12 at the beginning of the movie in a pan shot.  Gill and Chieftains would be wonderful for the Appalachian Irish-Scots influence.

"A-Hunting We Will Go" by Hem from Eveningland
I hear this when Katniss and Gale go out hunting. It's a beautiful, mellow, melodic Appalachian-sounding tune with vocals that would sound like Katniss singing, I'm sure.

"Molly Ban" by Alison Krauss and The Chieftains on Down the Old Plank Road and Krauss' A Hundred Miles or More.
I also see this as a hunting song for Katniss or when she has memories of her father singing.  It's dark nature lends its hand to the vibe of the film, telling a story of a hunter seeing his wife as a swan and accidentally shooting her.

"Down on Our Own Shield" by Jakob Dylan from Women and Country
The sentiments expressed by both Katniss and Peeta have given them a selfless, yet, noble definition of death. They both would rather die "on their own shield" than at the hands of their competitors for the enjoyment of Panem. A touching song for a touching moment when Peeta is lying lifeless in Katniss's hands, expressing love and devotion at the same time as nobility and bravery.

"Joan of Arc" by Jennifer Warnes from Famous Blue Raincoat or by Leonard Cohen from Songs of Love and Hate
This Cohen-penned song is a discourse between Joan of Arc and the flames that consume her, much like Katniss is the Joan of Arc of her world. When she enters the arena in her flaming dress, she embodies Joan of Arc, being consumed at the stake and being "tired of war." This is the perfect song for that moment to show "The Girl on Fire" as it is builds up to a powerful tune.

"When Will We All Be Free" by Karan Casey from Chasing the Sun
Casey wrote this song to support the public, whose opinion seems to not matter while politicians only play their own game for money and power.

"Some people live the high life
They live like Kings and Queens
They go about all dressed up
Well encased in their dreams

"Our politicians run to the altar of gold
To line their pockets with greed
Turning a blind eye to all around
Especially the ones in need"

It's a perfect selection to describe Panem, and a rebel theme song for the districts.

"On Your Shore" by Enya from Watermark
The song perfectly describes Katniss's feelings towards Rue when she dies. She "cannot hold [her] long enough" and has brought back her "forgotten ways" of love and devotion, rather than competition and hate. She reminded her of Prim.

"O Death" by Jen Titus from the Supernatural commercials or Ralph Stanley from O Brother Where Art Thou
When District 12 comes together for the reaping, the song "O Death" should be heard. It needs no reason why; it explains itself. "O Death, won't you spare me over for another year."

What songs would you like to see in Hunger Games?

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