Monday, August 8, 2011

Jump on the Bandwagon!

Typically I'm not a supporter of fallacies, but Bandwagon has me on board, playing every instrument possible.  Bandwagon started years ago as an independent film from Emma Caulfield (notoriously known from Buffy as bunny-fearing Anya, but more recently in Life Unexpected and the adorable Sci-Fi romantic drama TiMER).  She had recently aired the film as a webseries on youtube as the first season, and the second season has just started a few weeks ago.  Guest stars are abundant (mostly form the Buffyverse), and the first season is dated when Angel and possibly Buffy were still on air.  Continue reading after the jump for more information.

Bandwagon is filmed in a true mockumentary style, with the cast playing as themselves.  You would think that Caulfield was really this conceited watching it, but it's just too damn funny.  In season 1, Caulfield takes it upon herself to help an aspiring actress get roles and introduce her to her Hollywood circles.  The waitress Tubie is also mentally challenged.  Caulfield considers this guardianship of Tubie charity.  Watch the first season (and hear Caulfield sing a brilliant ragtime tune called "Stardust" in the credits of the final episode) before coming onto the second season, where Caulfield continues her adventures in co-creating an urban Black-focused Glee-type project, as she jumps on the musical TV bandwagon.  Guest stars include Community's Yvette Nicole Brown and RENT's Tracie Thoms.  And racial stereotypes are played out even more in this season.  Check it out.  Now.

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