Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This Just In: Carey leaving X-Men Legacy

Mike Carey's final arc of X-Men Legacy will start in November with #259 and end with #260.  What a run!  #188-#260!  That's over 70 issues!  He did state under my facebook rebellion, declaring with wet eyes my devastation of the news:
Sorry, guys. I didn't know this was going to break today. It's not the end of me on the X-Men - at least, I hope it isn't. It's me taking a break from the monthly book, and taking stock of where I am on a bunch of other things.
So goes life.  But Carey shall return in a magnificent glory.  I expect great things form him concerning Blindfold, Husk, Ariel, and the X-kids!  Coming soon will be my tribute to his run.  Look after the jump for the cover, as of now.

Here's the variant split cover, with only Rogue showing.  who knows when the other cast members of all the X-covers will be revealed.  It's very annoying.

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