Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pilot Season: Bridget Regan and Ethan Embry

Regan in TNT's Hide
Bridget Regan may grace us with her wondrous acting, beauty, and overwhelming presence this fall on NBC.  Deadline reports that Regan has been cast on a pilot called The Frontier about a group of pioneers traveling out West from Missouri in 1840.  If picked up, the season will take us on their journey with ongoing drama and new obstacles.  (If anyone dies of dysentery I might laugh.)  Regan tweets, "I've just gotta say: such an exciting, adventurous script, such a beautiful role and will be riding horses (!!!!) Excited to say the least."

McLaughlin's Cooper brings trouble for Regan's Hannah
Regan ("Legend of the Seeker", Hide, The Best and the Brightest) plays a woman Hannah in a marriage she's not as into as her husband.  Jake McLaughlin ("Crash") plays Cooper, the man who takes her heart.  Ethan Embry will play DJ Jackson, who pretends to be married to Payton, played by Megan Ferguson (Love and Other Drugs, "Boardwalk Empire").  Both are secretly homosexual.  Al Weaver (Marie Antoinette, Powder, Me and Orson Welles) plays a journalists following their trek to eventually report life on the frontier westward.  Gina Bramhill will play Emily, whom, either has been courting through letters or has an arranged marriage, is off to see the man she's to wed....for the first time.

Needless to say, this will be full of drama, but likely action as well.  I hope this pans out.  We need more Bridget Regan in this world.

The Frontier pilot is written by Shaun Cassidy and to be directed by Thomas Schlamme.

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