Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Favorite TV Medical Doctors

My work revolved around medical centers...sometimes I look at resumes and think, "Why aren't you sixteen like Doogie?  You all must be dumb!"  So what better way to celebrate them than to make a list of TV most awesome doctors?

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman 
Played by Jane Seymour (Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman)
Maybe it's the sexy-ass get-up, the intelligence, the feminism, or maybe it's just that Jane Seymour herself is a sexy woman; but darn if I didn't love her and her do-good family.  If there was one doctor, I'd want to go to, it'd be her.  Chances are she won't save my life without the medical advances of today, but she did her best with the rudimentary medicines of the day, right?  No one trusted her, no one believed in her, people treated her horribly, townies tried to get her out; but there she was, being the best doctor she can be, pulling shit out of her ass to save everyone.  And, let's face it, she didn't even save a lot of the people.  Take that, current medical dramas!  I want to see people die, dammit!

Doogie Howser, MD
Played by Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser, MD)
The original blogger, long before blogging existed.  Who didn't love this kid?  And let's face it: who doesn't love NPH?  Also, did this kid go to college when he was eight?  Rather than facing sexism like Dr. Quinn, Doogie faced ageism.  Poor guy.  No one wanted a 16-year-old surgery-ing them...How rude!

Dr. Lauren Lewis
Played by Zoie Palmer (Lost Girl)
Lost Girl's lesbian Light Fae human is uber-smart, full of secrets,, and a bottle of emotional conflict.  And her emotions get the best of her and prevent her from performing quality work.  Also, she has an alliterative name!  And to top it off, she's super nerdy-adorable about science, even the science of food.

Dr. Helen Magnus
Played by Amanda Tapping (Sanctuary)
Perhaps the smartest person in the world due to living well over a hundred years, Dr. Magnus is a doctor of many things, (including my heart), not just medical.  And she does important work, protecting the world from danger, even those who are out to kill her and destroy her work.  She also protects her own kind (it's like X-Men and mutants).  Not to mention, she's as badass as she is sophisticated and classy.  She knows or has known all the great world leaders, scientists, and artists.  She can use any weapon she damn well pleases.

Dr. Sherman Cottle
Played by Donnelly Rhodes (Battlestar Galactica)
He will do anything but coddle you.  As a minor character in a sea among fantastically rich characters, Dr. Coddle managed to stick out with his strong personality and still show depth.  He managed to save a whole heck of a lot of my favorite characters, not just from BSG, but from TV.  He holds firmly to the Hippocratic Oath, and he even came around to the idea of Cylons who are more human than humans.

Dr. Harry Weston
Played by Richard Mulligan (Empty Nest)
Everyone's (especially the Golden Girls) favorite neighbor, who happens to be a doctor with some sassy-ass nurses and assistants, is Dr. Weston. (Park Overall, you rule!)  If you loved Golden Girls (and likely Designing Women), you liked this show.  Dr. Weston had game, and he was goofy, yet brilliant.  He was caring and sophisticated.  He's a ball of awesomeness.

Dr. Eleanor "Ellie" Faye Bartowski-Woodcomb and Devon "Captain Awesome" Christian Woodcomb
Played by Sarah Lancaster and Ryan McPartlin (Chuck)
These two made an often jaded show worthwhile with their super kindness, incredible intelligence, unintentional humor, adorableness, and amazing good looks.  I only wish they had joined the spy team officially and not on a as-needed case.  Just look at them.  One of my favorite episodes of Chuck is when they both get caught up in the spy world acting like spies.  Devon is truly awesome.  and he should've been Captain America.

Childrens Hospital Crew
Played by Megan Mullally, Rob Corddry, Rob Huebel, Erinn Hayes, Ken Marino, Lake Bell, and Malin Akerman (Children's Hospital)
The entire cast is incredibly hilarious in this amazing spoof on medical field dramas.  There is no real continuity and anyone can be a surgeon there, even, say, a sixteen-year-old.

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