Sunday, February 5, 2012

Site of the Week: Mutant Magazine

My friends, I am a contributor to one of the world's greatest magazines: Mutant Magazine (MM).  A shameless plug possibly, but I must inform you of its incredible content.  A lovely ComicBookResources (CBR) poster Valeria Kamentari began making Mutant Magazine covers with current X-Men-related headlines.  They were always a delight to see, and I looked forward to it each time.  But with high demand and respect, a new project was born: Mutant Magazine v2.  Val took it upon herself to act as editor-in-chief for the project, which sought writers and ad makers to create an entirely fan-made magazine, specifically for the X-Men world.

With brilliant photoshopping on each cover, Val K's talent ensures that the magazine truly looks professional and makes you want to read each issue.  Her creativity throughout the magazine in her writing ("MicroNews" is always fabulous) and in her designs make for an exciting and enthralling read.  But it's not just the magic of Val K that makes this worthwhile.  Each contributor lends their specific talent to the cause.  Washout's contributions of Rogue's sexual adventures in "Sex and the County, Sugah" make for some good belly laughs and some awkward blushing.  Teddyeatsyourface and personamanx's ads are fun and witty.  Regular features "Rockslide's Rabble", "The Pearl Necklace", "Hot Mutant of the Month", "Alongside Pryde", and "Peeling for Potential" (that's me!) are proof of the sharp comedic chops that CBR X-Men members possess.

If you want to be a part of Mutant Magazine, let Val know at!

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