Sunday, October 23, 2011

Geek Chic: My Deep Adoration for Argyle

Growing up, I was not fond of the Argyle pattern, but as I grew older, and my tastes became increasingly old-fashioned, I developed a strong love for the pattern.  A few years ago, I heard and fell madly in love with Kate Rusby, who sings a song called, "Bonnie House of Arlie".  This song is from the 1600s with origins in Scotland.  In the song, I kept hearing the word "argyle", and it struck me with curiosity.  How were these two related?

It turns out that the Argyle pattern is derived from the Argyll (archaically Argyle) region of western Scotland.  The powerful Campbell clan wore the pattern of what we now know as Argyle.  Their power and influence was not only political, but also in the fashion field.  With their status, their signature clan clothing became popular throughout all of Argyll and then throughout all of Scotland.  It eventually came to where we are now, being popular in England and the U.S. post-World War I when we came into contact with more Scots than we typically cared (not me, but the collective U.S. "we").

I find it so interesting that this pattern that was the signature pattern for a specific fmaily in Scotland became so popular that over three hundred years later, it's the most identifiable and traditional pattern.  It never goes out of least not for us nerds.  Don't let the golfers take this pattern for themselves!  Let's own it!  Who's with me?!


  1. I am! I love argyle greatly, especially on knee high socks or tights, because I'm super cool. I also have sweaters and cardigans. :-)

  2. I knew you would too. I love my argyle sweater vests and cardigans.