Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Husk Returns from Limbo!

It's official: Husk will be in Wolverine and the X-Men as a teammate featured on the #1 and #2 Bachalo covers.  Jason Aaron confirmed this on Twitter, as well as confirming a romance for her.  Iceman?  Chamber?

When asked who the blonde on the cover is, Aaron responds:

Oh, I can't wait to see what Aaron has up his sleeve...

The list of Wolverine's team is now:

Kitty Pryde
Marvel Girl (Rachel)
Kid Omega
Brood Baby
AOA Nightcrawler

Will Rogue, Chamber (he did say at least one Gen X character...), or Dazzler join his team?  I do hope so!  There is so much to look forward to concerning the various relationships the characters have with each other:

Wolverine--Iceman=long-time teammates/friends
Wolverine--Husk=former teammates
Wolverine--Beast=long-time teammates/friends

Wolverine--Idie=murderous monsters; he wants to protect her childhood, which she never had
Wolverine--Toad=long-time enemies
Wolverine--Kid Omega=keep close

Wolverine--AOA Nightcrawler=616 counter BFFs, Uncanny X-Force
Kitty--Brood Baby=fought together against Brood
Kitty--Iceman=friends, former teammates
Rachel--Wolverine=former teammates
Husk--Iceman=friends; former teammates; she was asked to pee him into into existence
Iceman--Toad=fought together during X-Men Forever
Husk--Beast=almost killed brother Louis in quest to revive mutant gene

Still, a lack of female to male ratio and an awful lot of white people, save for the furries and an alien baby.

Husk seems to be in wooden form on the #2 cover in the background on the right-hand side.

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