Monday, October 3, 2011

The New Shows

So of the TV shows that debuted this fall and after a few episodes each, I think I see where they're going.  Which ones exceeded my expectations, and which ones let me down?

New Girl
While I absolutely adored the pilot episode, the second left me wanting so much more.  I think with the new guy the extra spark form the show is gone.  He's way too boring.  Maybe he'll get some fun stuff in the future, but it was awful.  Of course, Zooey was adorably funny as always.

Up All Night
Wowzas!  This show keep getting better each episode!  Even though it's the same formula, essentially, the jokes are hilarious.  And Maya Rudolph's character is less an in-your-face SNL skit of Oprah and more of a subtle satire.

2 Broke Girls
Hilarious, and somehow much funnier than Whitney Cummings' other show that she stars in, Whitney.  Kat Dennings' grumpy character that makes fun of the non-regulars at her dumpy diner is comedic gold.  Making of hipsters and models is always a good time.  Her sidekick is doing well but lacks the comedic chops, but that's why this is a situational comedy.  She's not used to living like a normal person and going from riches to rags is not as sad as it is funny in this case.

Terra Nova
Apparently Terra Nova did not premiere well.  It was decent enough, but it could be much better.  It's an attractive cast, and that's about it.  Kings' Allison Miller is fantastic, though.  It's worth a watch just for her talent.

It was okay, but I stopped watching after the second episode.  I was bored.  I wanted to keep watching this, but I'm watching too much as it is.  The plot was decent, and there's enough intrigue, but it doesn't move very fast.

Playboy Club
This is a very plotless show.  There's the overarching plot that revolves around the accidental murder of a mob boss, but each individual episode's plot is very weak.  I love Laura Benanti.  She's the only good thing about this show, as predicted.  It's a shame to see this show go because that means she'll go.  And I want to hear her sing on a regular basis.

A Gifted Man
Holy balls, Batman!  This show is ever Deus Ex Machina, but damn, is it fine entertainment.  I love anything that Patrick Wilson does.  He can act his way out of any horrible script.  The second episode I cried AT LEAST twice.  I typically don't like doctor shows, as they rely heavily on Deus Ex Machina, but the dialogue is lovely.  Right now, the show is a bit messy in terms of plot, but it reflects the main character's life.  He's a mess.  He's seeing his dead ex-wife, he's running his own practice, and he's also juggling his ex-wife's free clinic unintentionally.  Of course, he's the most brilliant surgeon ever, and he was also the biggest douchebag ever.  Now we're seeing him slowly give way to opening up his heart.

The Secret Circle?
I'm entertained enough by this show to keep watching.  Britt Robertson is a great actress, although she tends to play those loner characters, judging by the two roles she's had on major CW TV shows.  Witches, twisted plots, murder, teen drama...why not?

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