Sunday, August 30, 2009

Geek Chic: Sexy Smart

I can't stress enough how much I love a gal with glasses! It drives me wild. It's like I've just hit puberty and have discovered something stirring down below. Every. Time. So, many celebs and business people are taking to geek chic to look professional and sexy at the same time. I've never been a fan of big glasses. I always made fun of my dad for having huge ones that cover about half of his face. But Chely Wright changed my mind.
Pictured is Chely from a youtube vlog. I respect her like crazy. She's awesome to her fans. I held up the line in meeting her because we got to talking about bluegrass, and her bodyguard was being a tool about it. She's all about education and supporting our troops, even if you don't support the war. She's probably experienced more than most journalists covering the wars in the Middle East. She's always been classy, even when she posed for FHM. But now she's taken to a more studious look, and it works. Thick-rimmed glasses, pulled back hair with some bangs, button-up shirt, and vest. Classic black and white always works. She can look good in anything, though.

Nerdy is so in. The Big Bang Theory is crazy popular right now. Everyone's adding Spock to their Rock, Paper, Scissors games, and superhero shirts are still popular. Why? Well, the superhero movies are maybe the biggest reason, but shows like Big Bang, Flight of the Conchords, and Britain's The IT Crowd and bands like The Decemberists keep geek chic on steroids (nice paradox, huh?). In college students used to think I was a professor. And I didn't mind. It was the geek chic looks, you guys. It works. People automatically think you're smart. Aside the glasses, corduroy jackets, bold button-ups, polos, sweaters, vests, sweater vests. Keeping it simple but layered. Straight-cut jeans of any color, corduroy pants, and plaid pants also are in for the lower half of the nerd body. Or like Bret McKenzie from Conchords, wear some animal sweatshirts. Ladies love it, and guys will chuckle. You'll be the life of the party. Or simply find something that's completely and uniquely you. Find out what works for you, and rock it. Rock it.

Discuss your own geek chic. We'll spotlight certain aspects of geek chic and current trends in it and where to find some good geek chicin' clothes!

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  1. I've always liked corduroy, and in high school things like plaid pants were awesome because they were so horrible. Plus, not many people wore them. However, I'm still a big fan of the jeans with holes in them. Not the ones you buy at the store for $50 that already have holes in them, but the ones you've had for so long that they're about to disintegrate completely. It's like one day you're walking around outside and you think, "Why is there a breeze on my butt?" Then you realize, everything you've waiting for has finally come to fruition.